Kicking Off June With a Trip to the ER

Man…sometimes life just throws things at you left and right.

On Monday afternoon, Ricky ended up in the ER. He was having trouble breathing at school – his breathing was super labored – so they called me to come in and pick him up. Being the overly cautious mama that I have now become, I speed dialed our clinic on my way to figure out what I should be looking for to see if he needed to go into the emergency room. Of course, he fit the symptoms. And I pretty much hightailed it to the hospital with one eye on the road and one on the rear view mirror to keep an eye on him and make sure he wasn’t getting worse. Needless to say, it was more than a little nerve wracking.

So we were in the ER and it turns out that he has a respiratory infection. So…we’re the proud owners of a shiny new nebulizer. It looks like a panda bear and has it’s own little backpack thing. It’s quite fancy. He doesn’t love it, but he certainly doesn’t hate it as much as he did in the hospital.

Those first few nebs were awful. It took both Rick and me to hold him and sweet talk him and keep that mask on so that he could get the medication he needed. Have you ever been forced to basically hold your screaming child down while they yell, “no no no!” and “mama dada mama dada!” over and over and over again? It’s heartbreaking. Yet you do it, because you know it’s the only thing that’s going to help them get better quickly.

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The only good part of all of this is that he’s super cuddly and wants to spend lots and lots of time with his mama. I will never say no to toddler cuddles or toddler kisses or my baby wanting to fall asleep while I rock him. I hate that he’s sick, but I do love cuddling the little guy. He’s such a sweetie pie.

He is getting better, thankfully. Although I will say that I am that crazy mom who has been turning the Angel Care monitor back on at night while he sleep. Having Ricky get sick less than a month after losing Addison…well, it certainly brings out the mama bear in me. Losing her makes both me and Rick much more vigilant about every little cough and wheeze. Although I’m not so sure that this is a bad thing.

So anyway, we’re now a nebulizer family. I feel like we’ve crossed into this new space in the parenting club. Like we’ve added yet another oddly shaped badge to our parenting vest. Weird? Kind of. But at the same time I’m learning that there’s really nothing all that strange when it comes to life as a mom. It’s just territory I haven’t navigated yet.


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