It’s Time. I’m Doing A Cleanse.

arbonne 7 day cleanse, body cleanse, cleanse drink, weight loss drink, drink weight loss, drink arbonneI have this problem. Ok, more than a problem – it’s a really bad habit that I’ve gotten into over the last couple of months. I am absolutely, positively addicted to sweets. I think it’s from all of the carrying around of la babe. Because he has been a bit of a monkey lately. And lord knows it’s not easy to have an extra 20 pound person strapped to your chest. So this extra workout {can I call it that? I think I can…} makes me extra hungry. For sugary goodness that does NOT help me fit into my jeans the next day.

I’m trying lots of things to make this better. I’ve cut out Diet Coke. Well, I’ve cut down to one or two cans a week. And that’s made a difference – I don’t crave treats nearly as much. I’ve started drinking more milk – and that’s helped too. But I need to do something to purge my body of this sweet craving. Basically: I’ve decided to do a cleanse.

Now it’s not a cleanse like you’re thinking. It’s a seven day body cleanse by Arbonne. You mix a packet of the mix with a big jug of water {and in my case, some fizz sticks for better flavor} and drink it throughout the day. And it works. For jump starting a weight loss regimen or just ridding your body of toxins {sugar!}. I have clients and friends that do Arbonne who have all said the same thing: IT WORKS. It doesn’t taste amazing {the flavored fizz sticks can help with that} – but it works. And that’s what I want.

You don’t have to only drink the cleanse for seven days. You can eat healthy, well balanced meals at the same time. I’m excited!

So: if you’d like to join me on this short, seven day journey – you can! Anyone who wants in has until Friday evening to get 20% off of the 7-day cleanse and any flavor of the fizz sticks you’d like. Just email me at!

The cleanse is regularly $50, with discount it’s $40+tax
The fizz sticks are regularly $32, with discount they’re $25.60+tax


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