It’s Saturday morning and my brain is a mess of mush.

I love Saturday mornings – even though I usually have a million things to do, it’s just a more relaxed day. Which is weird, considering that Saturdays generally just end up being another day of the week in the life of a momma. Don’t believe me? This is what my bedroom currently looks like:

Part office, part crib for el babe, part staging zone for the clean sheets I need to put on the bed. ALL MESS. That’s ok. In 20 minutes, it will look amazing. Slash the bed will be made and the computer will be hidden underneath the bed because we have company coming. Why actually put something away in it’s rightful place if you’re just going to use it again this afternoon? I’m nothing if not resourceful.

Anyway: this morning was the first Saturday morning in a looooong time (aka since before the bean arrived) that the hubs didn’t have something work related to do. And I have to say that I was excited – want to know why? Because I left a sleeping baby in bed with him while I deep cleaned our kitchen and bathrooms at 7:30 this morning. My life is so exciting, I know.

My new Barre workouts came yesterday and I am so pumped! I can’t believe what a difference ballet exercises can make on a post-preggo body: I swear that every time I do a barre workout I can see a visible difference in my baby pooch the following day. And my skinny jeans? Well they fit. And I can almost wear them without a muffin top. SCORE.

Remember Lucy? My amazing wonder pup (slash in house Peter Pan Nana)? She’s still here and still amazing. I knew ya’ll missed seeing her. So here’s a little puppy love…

Yes, she’s still a dramatic photo queen. If there were ever a dog supermodel, she’d surely qualify for the job…

Those eyes…so soulful. Yes, I do know that I’m weird.

My dad finished the mural he was creating for the bean’s nursery – isn’t it fab? I.LOVE.IT! All of the animals have little animal facts next to them. I can’t believe my dad can create things like this – amazing (want to see the whole place prior to the mural? Here you go: our baby nursery)

And I thought that would be the finishing touch on the nursery – but now I’m thinking that I might need to create something like these (in blue…) to hang above that ginormous giraffe…

Genius? Maybe I’m just going a little crafting crazy. Or maybe it’s a little of both. You can decide.

Baby’s up. I’m out.

Oh: and scrubbbbs are out. If you watch Duck Dynasty you have every idea what I’m talking about.

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