I’m obsessed with organizing my house.

Last spring, I realized that there was far too much…crap…in my house. Every time I moved there was a piece of furniture to dust and decor to clean. It was excessive – and I knew that as my baby started to get more mobile, I was in for trouble. Plus – too much stuff everywhere drives me absolutely bonkers. So I started to clean out my house. I made piles of things to go to the donation center, things I could sell online and things that needed to go to the trash. I realized that even though we cleaned out all of our stuff before we had Ricky, we were still full to the gills of things we didn’t use, want or need.

Almost immediately, I was completely overwhelmed. Have you ever sat down and made a list of all of the things you want to clean out in your house, only to realize that you have a job and a child and a life and it would take you a week of working straight to go through everything you really wanted to get through? Yeah. That was me. So I set small goals – dates that I wanted everything sold or donated by. And a deadline of Ricky’s first birthday to have our basement office organized and having half of it turned into a playroom.

Annnnd that goal didn’t happen. The problem with cleaning out your house in the middle of the summer in Minnesota is that it’s the only time of year that you actually want to be outside. So for the most part, organizing my house fell by the wayside and everything else came first. Then this week, I realized how much my halfway organized house is driving me absolutely freaking bonkers. And as much as it’s driving me crazy, it’s ten times worse for the hubs – disorganization makes him crabby. So now, I get to my very longwinded point: my energy for organizing is renewed. I’m like a 36 weeks pregnant woman nesting for the new baby. Except I’m not pregnant.

Although, if I were pregnant, this is what it would look like:
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La babe and I organized both of our closets. We cleaned the bathrooms. We organized the kitchen. We went through all of mama’s shoes. We swapped out winter for summer stuff (because I’m obviously very behind on that train, considering it was well under fifty degrees every day this week). And then we got distracted and cleaned all of the baseboards and air vents. I told you: 36 weeks pregnant is my mentality today. Will my entire house be perfect before Monday morning? Probably not. But I have given myself a new deadline of Thanksgiving – and with the progress Little Ricky and I made so far today, we’re well on tracking to meeting our goal.

Tell me in the comments: how do you keep YOUR house organized?


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