I Finally Had My First Encounter With “That Mom”

This weekend I went to a baby shower. It was lovely – from the decor to the games to the food, the ladies that put it on did an amazing job pulling the event together! My pregnant girlfriend is absolutely adorable. It’s funny – before you’re pregnant, you don’t really register the preggo ladies unless it’s pretty much staring you in the face. Then when you’re actually pregnant, especially at the end of your pregnancy, you feel ginormous. You can’t wait for that baby to come. But when you have a baby, pregnant ladies are just so cute. Seeing that baby bump makes you actually wish you were having another one – even if it’s just for a fleeting moment. And I realize – even when I’m in that “oh-they’re-so-adorable-I-kind-of-wish-I-was-pregnant” moment in time that in their position I’d feel the same way. Funny how the grass is always greener, eh?

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To be honest, I generally just avoid people like this. They’re annoying, yes. They’re also pretty harmless. So I was sitting on the floor where RJ was playing with another baby at the party and all of a sudden, this woman was next to me exclaiming, “Ohmigosh that IS a Baby Boden shirt!”

I responded, “Uhm, yep.”

“Are ALL of his clothes Baby Boden?” she asked.

At this point I’m sitting there, rolling my eyes – because while my little guy definitely has a few “expensive” pieces of baby clothing, there’s no way in H-E-double hockey sticks that every piece of his clothing comes from Nordstrom or Baby Boden. Obviously. So I replied as nicely as possible… “Uhhh, no. He has a few pieces and they’re cute, but it’s not something I dress him in every day.”

You guys are not going to believe what happened next. She turned to me – DEADPAN – and said, “Oh. I’m so disappointed.”

I’m not kidding you. Another mother actually tried to make me feel bad that I don’t dress my child in sixty dollar outfits on a daily basis. I, nice as I could, disengaged from the conversation {I changed the subject and started talking about strollers}. Does it really matter in the scheme of life? No. But I was so shocked that someone – a MOM – could be stuck in such a crazy version of reality that I honestly didn’t know what else to say!

Tell me in the comments: have you ever encountered a mom-zilla in the flesh?


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    I feel as if my child has clothes on that aren’t full of holes or major stains then I am doing good. It doesn’t matter if you spend nothing on clothes because you accept handme downs or spend 60 dollars an outfit, you baby doesn’t know the difference and doesn’t care. All they know is that mommy and daddy love them and they are happy.

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