How to Know When You’ve Turned Into THAT Mom

So life with a baby starts. And some time goes by. Suddenly, your (my) baby is two months old. And while you (I) said that there was no way that you’d become that parent – the one that you can tell is a total MOM from a mile away – you find that…you were wrong. You are TOTALLY that mom. And here’s how to figure it out:

1. You realize that you’ve started referring to yourself as “mommy” all the time. Like – even when you’re not talking to your child. And you catch your husband doing the same thing to himself.

2. Your conversations suddenly revolve around dirty diapers: how many, what kind, how much…I really did used to have normal, adult conversations. They just ended about two months ago.

3. Your morning no longer consists of watching the news and drinking coffee while checking your email. Now you’re a multitasking fiend: feeding the baby, making coffee, boiling bottles, changing the laundry, changing the baby, letting the dog out, cleaning the living room…and it doesn’t stop

4. You have spit up on your shirt. Since you’re not leaving the house, you don’t care – because changing your shirt would just mean more laundry.

5. Every.single.picture on your phone is of a small child. And you don’t feel bad, because every.single.picture is absolutely freaking adorable.

6. You can totally tune out a screaming child at the store – when before, this would have made your ears bleed. And when you cart past the parent of said screaming child, you just smile in solidarity.

7. When decorating your house, your first concern is whether or not a mobile baby will be able to maneuver around that piece of furniture.

8. Speaking of furniture, you buy pieces based on how well you’ll be able to get stains out of them. And with that – I’m so glad our couch is scotch guarded. And I feel like such a grown up for saying that.

9. Instead of something hip and cool like something by Jason Aldean, you get the Elmo’s World theme song stuck in your head for extended periods of time. To the point where you catch yourself humming it around the house.

10. Your laundry pile is never ending. Wait – that was the case before the baby arrived, too…

Basically…turning into this kind of parent is kind of unavoidable. Because you want to be a good mom. So suddenly being a mom just kind of encompasses your life! And I’ve come to realize that just because I can quote Sesame Street and am completely obsessed with pictures of my child’s feet doesn’t mean that I can’t still be my own person or have a sense of style. In fact, I think that it really forces you to figure out where you stand in life – from what values you want to teach your kid(s) to what’s really important to your family. Tell me: how did YOU first know that you were THAT parent – the one you said you’d never become?

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