How to Attach a JJ Cole BundleMe to Your Carseat. It’s Harder Than it Looks.

Earlier today I posted on CupcakeMag Littles about how much I love my JJ Cole BundleMe. And while that’s definitely true, I do have to admit that I utterly failed at putting this thing on the bean’s car seat the first time that I tried. I felt like such an idiot – I mean, how hard can it be to install what’s essentially a fancy blanket to my kid’s ride? So instead of, you know, figuring out HOW this thing worked, I stuck it in the back of the closet resolving that I would not attempt installing it again until it was absolutely, positively necessary. And today was that day.

So before you go spending nap time cursing at your stroller or car seat while you struggle to make this – actually super fabulous – accessory fit, let me walk you through how I got it to work with our car seat. Although let me tell you: I had to get creative. And scissors were definitely involved.

Here is the bean’s car seat. Peg Perego – the one with extra side impact protection. And while that side impact protection is exactly why we wanted this particular car seat, the bulk of it was also what was impeding this car seat cover from being installed.

First thing’s first: unzip the JJ Cole BundleMe so that it’s sitting in two pieces. This will make it easier to install the bottom piece on the car seat.

I realized that I was going to have to cut that center piece out because it just wasn’t going to accommodate the shoulder straps on my car seat. So I grabbed my scissors. And snipped the top piece…

And snipped the bottom of this cutout section. This step is NOT necessary if you can easily make the straps of your car seat fit through the slits in the BundleMe. But in my particular case, it was either cut the pieces, or not use the product. And I definitely want to use this thing!

And now that the shoulder straps were in their rightful spot, I just pulled the snapper-inner-thing (super technical wording, I know) through the pre-cut hole…

And once the important safety pieces were installed correctly, I pulled this elastic strap around the back of the car seat…

Zipped on the front cover and was totally good to go!

:PSA: JJ Cole has no clue who I am. I just am a real life user of this product and think it’s awesome! Ciao!


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    Stacy says

    FINALLY! I found your post after Googling how to install the JJCold Bundle me because I had also given up on trying to make it work with my car seat… which just happens to be the exact same car seat you have! I’ve installed it as you did and it works perfectly! (Living in Minnesota, the need for this to work was HIGH.) Thanks! 😉

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    Meg says

    FYI using the BundleMe in a car seat is unsafe & actually voids the manufacturer’s warranty on your car seat. The jjcole “car seat cover” is a safe alternative, because it does not come in contact with the harness straps, or put bulk between baby & their seat. Upon impact the fluff compresses & leaves slack in the straps, children have been ejected from their seat in the event of impact. Only a “shower cap style” of cover is safe, anything that goes between baby& the seat or harness is not safe.

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      MommyNurse says

      Cutting out the portion of it (like shown in this blog) adds NO bulk behind the baby and has no interference with the straps. The shower cap style still doesn’t even fit this exact car seat the best because of the huge built in headrest. I just cut out the portion of my Bundle Me and as a nurse who sees kids come to the OR with trauma from a car accident, I feel confident that this installed like this is just as safe. I can strap my daughter in just as tight. Believe me, I did it with and without and there as no difference in the strap tightness. Using a non Peg Perego car seat and not cutting out the mid portion, you might be compromising safety.

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