Help The Victims of Hurricane Sandy by Hosting a Touchstone Crystal Jewelry Party

Thanksgiving is almost here. And while we’re all giving thanks – and thinking about all of the awesome Black Friday sales to take advantage of after the turkey’s been eaten – there are people on the East Coast whose lives have been devastated by Hurricane Sandy. These people are struggling to just get their lives back to some kind of normal – much less worrying about what presents they can get at a discount on Friday.

I got an email the other day from Touchstone Crystal – a home jewelry party that’s part of the Swarovski group – about the fact that they have over 250 jewelry consultants whose jewelry businesses have been impacted by the hurricane. To help these consultants get back on their feet, Touchstone is running an awesome Holiday Hurricane Rebound campaign.

A little background on what exactly Touchstone Crystal is: they’re a jewelry company, yes. They have gorgeous pieces that are made with Swarovski crystals that any woman would love. Their pieces are the perfect compliment to your own holiday wardrobe or as a gift for your mama, sister, friends, whoever you want to give them to! Similar to other businesses, women host parties to showcase these products in their homes and as a thank you, earn free jewelry points based on how much jewelry their friends and family buy at their party.

Touchstone Crystal is asking that women around the country host a Touchstone Jewelry party at their home in conjunction with one of their East Coast reps. The reps will get the business from the party and as an added incentive, the party host will get double jewelry points: which translates into more free jewelry for you! Check out all of the details here – and spread a little extra joy this season (while giving yourself some extra good karma!): host a Touchstone Crystal party. It’s fun for you and a huge help to the ladies on the East Coast!

This post is sponsored by Touchstone Crystal. All opinions and text are my own.

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