Having a Baby Made Me More Clumsy.

Ever since I became a mom, I really seem to be a lot more clumsy than I used to be. Maybe it’s just me. But I swear, I find myself dropping at least five random objects a day.

1. Yesterday, I dropped a full mug of coffee down the stairs. I wanted to cry because we were out of creamer and I couldn’t make more. Booooo.

2. On Monday, I accidentally dropped the bag of dog food I was pouring. It was forty pounds. Thankfully I was able to block the dog food from completely spilling out in my entryway – that would have been a ginormous mess!

3. I drop my phone on a regular basis. Like to the point where my hubs calls me butterfingers and makes fun of me for my inability to keep it in my hands. This was never a problem before! :le sigh:

4. The other day I dropped a container of baking soda on the ground. Baking soda. Seriously.

5. Our laptop has gone from my hands to the floor three times in the last two weeks. Mommy fail on that one. But at least it landed on the carpet, right?

And with all of that being said, I do have to mention that there are a few things that I will never ever drop. For sheer fear of having to clean them up.

1. My baby’s poopy diapers. GROSS.

2. The bags that we food save our meat in. The level of gross that would dump out of those things is cringe worthy.

3. Mayo. There’s something about it that makes me not want to have to clean that stuff up off the floor.

4. Aromatherapy oil. I actually did drop this on the floor of our townhouse when I was pregnant and it was a beast to clean up. Not.happening.again.

Tell me in the comments: Did you find yourself to be more clumsy after having a baby? Or does the cheese stand alone on this one?


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      My old hair dresser used to drop combs all the time when she was pregnant – she had to order extras because she was going through them so often!

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    Sammie Malone says

    So funny, I did experience clumsiness. It passed but I also suffered from carpal tunnel while pregnant and I blamed it on that.

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    Marcela Cisneros says

    i am so happy i am not alone on this :(. i drop everything, it is sooooo annoying. My sister went through the samething and she saids it gets better with time.

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