Happy Halloween from Mike Wozowski (slash baby Ricky Galster)

My adorable babe is was Mike Wozowski for Halloween. Until he decided he hated the hat. Now he’s just baby Ricky again!

Today I did something super positive: I released the hurt that has been haunting me since I was a kid. And I feel amazing for moving beyond them.

If you’re looking for something extra sweet this Halloween, check out some of my fashion finds on CupcakeMag and CupcakeMag Littles from the past couple of weeks:

Posts on CupcakeMag – Fashion finds for mamas

Posts of CupcakeMag Littles – Fashion finds for the kiddos in your life

And with that, I’m off to hand out candy with my little monster! We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow, I promise. Happy Halloween!



  1. […] Last year for Halloween, we didn’t do much. Ricky was a month old, so we pretty much stayed in, handed out candy and went to bed early. No costumes, no trick or treating…all in all, not the most memorable evening of my life. So this year, I thought I’d be super excited. I thought we’d be all about the costume and the decorating and the Halloween-y-ness of this time of year. But I find Halloween kind of falling flat. My baby doesn’t eat candy – so we won’t be going trick-or-treating. We put up a few decorations, but nothing major. Heck, I probably wouldn’t have even bought a costume for the little guy if he wasn’t part of a mini-parade on Thursday. […]

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