Happy Day After Thanksgiving – From the Eyes of a Baby Mama

Happy day after Thanksgiving! Yesterday, we gave thanks. This morning, I sat around and appreciated two of the things I’m thankful for (besides my amazing hubs): my little moose and my big moose. Aka RJ and Lucy. The three of us sat around – well, these two slept and mama worked, but still: we did it from the couch. My plan was to brave Black Friday around ten – because there were some awesome little shoes I wanted to pick up for the little guy – but then it snowed last night. And was icy this morning. And that, combined with the fact that it’s early in the frigid season, made me a little nervous to leave the house. At least that was my excuse for firmly planting my bum in one spot.

Yesterday my little bean slept through Thanksgiving dinner. Seriously: he was awake for approximately one hour while we were with family. The rest of the time? He slept like a log.

I dragged my hubby on a family walk We went for a family walk around our neighborhood. And then I surprised the hubs by dragging a nine foot tree out of our storage room, up two sets of stairs and into our living room. For him to set up. He was very excited. Slash didn’t believe that I’d be able to make a nine foot tree fit into an eight and a half foot tall space. But that’s a story for another day.

I used all of my will power not to eat the chocolate cake that was sitting in my fridge all morning. Which I will give you the recipe to…momentarily. Warning: it is dangerously delicious.

And then we (I) drove home in the snow. And I remembered how hard it is to adjust to driving in a snowstorm at night. Because you feel like you’re driving through a giant time vortex. Terrifying.

Lucy has decided that her new favorite hang out spot – when I’m not firmly planted on the couch – is to sit herself halfway on the stairs. It looks incredibly uncomfortable. But look at that face…

And now…I’m still sitting on my couch. The hubs has my snoring little moose. My big moose is sleeping on the floor – in her new favorite spot, which is to say anywhere that blocks us from being able to get off the couch. She’s smart like that.

Happy Thanksgiving weekend!

Tell me…what did YOU do on Thanksgiving?


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