Five things we need to do – now that it’s officially spring in the frigid tundra

I feel like the fact that we’ve reached SPRING! after this incredibly long winter was this light at the end of the tunnel. A light that felt like it kept getting pushed further and further away with every little late season snowfall (including the one we just had last week). But according to the weatherman, there’s actually a potential for thunderstorms this week. Which means…fingers crossed…that we’re actually almost to that tangible moment where we’re actually summer bound. I feel like doing skips of joy!

So, what does spring mean at my house? Well, right now it means that we can have the windows open. It means that we can go to the park. It means that we can *almost* start working on our yard!

And now I’m also realizing how many other things this means…

1. We need to get our yard cleaned up. Winter + dogs + extreme cold wreaks havoc on your yard. And the clean up process is no small job. Thankfully, that’s the hubs’ job.

2. It’s time to go through a major spring cleaning at our house. Or should I say, spring organization. There’s nothing like springtime and pregnancy to really whip a house into shape!

3. It’s time to get the garage in order. Now that we have a toddler who wants to be outside every free second of the day, we need to get the garage completely organized. We need room for his toys and cars and bats – let me tell you, when you’ve got kids, you end up using every spare corner of your house. And if you don’t find yourself constantly preparing and organizing for what’s next…well, you can end up with quite the mini disaster on your hands…

4. We need to start looking at sandboxes. Ok, the reality is we need to decide if we’re actually doing a playset this year or if we’re just doing a big ol’ sandbox. Because sometimes we over commit to these kind of things…and realize that we really don’t have two full weekends to build our child a playset.

5. We really need to start prepping for baby. Which, to be fair, we’ve started doing. But pretty soon…it’s gonna be time to ramp up those prepper efforts! I think as long as I keep all of my baby tutu purchases hidden, the hubs will be on board with this..I may have gone a little overboard…but they’re so damn cute!

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So tell me in the comments: what do YOU need to do now that it’s spring?

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