Five things that fell off my radar after having a baby

Sometimes, on a less hectic Saturday like today, I start to think about all the ways our life has changed since we had a baby. It’s been over a year – meaning there are lots of things that have changed: we don’t go out to eat as often, we go to bed earlier, we get up earlier. Our priorities are certainly different. But I think the thing that’s most certainly affected me the most is…well….I hate to admit it. But I just don’t care as much about my appearance as I used to. Sure, I still put in an effort. But to some extent I just don’t have time for all of the little personal luxuries that I used to.

Now, some of these things aren’t going to sound like luxuries unless you have a child(ren). Because it is pretty darn near impossible to understand why you can’t just make time to do them if you really wanted to. At least, it was for me prior to having Ricky. But with that being said, I’m really (REALLY!) going to try to make an effort on these things. Seriously. I am.

1. Pedicures. I was the girl who ALWAYS had her toes done prior to getting pregnant. Then I started giving myself pedis while pregnant and was pretty darn proud of the money I was saving. Then I had a baby and I tried to keep up. Every three months or so I would re-paint my nails. It wasn’t a perfect system, but it worked. To an extent. And now, I think I’ve actually gone two months without putting polish back ON my toes after taking it off. I’m trying to get back on track here ladies, I really am. But time…well, it hasn’t been my bff lately.

2. Shaving. I do actually make a halfway effort to shave in the summer. But in the winter…well, my leg hair is pretty faint in color. So does it really matter if I shave every week? Ok, I just gave myself the shudders. Yes, it matters. I hear you. Shave yo’ dang legs, girl! I’ll get on that one.

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3. Wearing my hair down. Ugh. Do you know how much earlier I have to get up to actually wear my hair down? Fifteen minutes. That’s fifteen minutes of much needed sleep! But I’m hearing my own point. Since I’ve made Kate Middleton my 2014 style inspiration, I really need to get on the hair train. Goal: to actually style my hair three days during the week.

4. Organizing my closet. I used to be a closet organization freak. Seriously – everything was categorized by type, style and color. I would re-organize and re-organize and re-organize. Know how long it’s been since I did that? About three months. Know why I had to do it then? Because Ricky decided to pull half of my clothes off of their hangers. I realize how much easier getting ready is when your closet is super organized. But today, mama needs her energy for wrapping Christmas presents!


5. Getting dressed up and going out. Rick and I used to get dressed up (to an extent) and go meet up with our friends all the time prior to baby. After getting pregnant, that slowed down. After baby arrived, it pretty much stopped. Sure, we have friends over to have dinner and hang out. We go out for dinner from time to time. But I can’t remember the last time I actually got dressed up to leave my house. That actually makes me a little sad – we need to get our butts in gear and have a date night!

So tell me in the comments: what fell off YOUR radar after having a baby?

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  • Judy December 30, 2013, 2:44 am

    OMG. All these things! Especially the wearing hair down. Just had baby #2 3.5 months ago. I swore I was not going to chop my hair off like I did after baby #1. It’s taking every single bit of me not to cut it off myself. Sleep or blow dry? SLEEP!
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