Fit Mama: Today I Took the Pluge – I Bought a Fancy Heart Rate Monitor

This past week has been an emotional roller coaster, for a lot of reasons. When my life is emotional, I like to do a lot of cardio. I don’t know why – it just works out that way.

When I feel like doing more of a particular exercise – circuits vs. lifting vs. cardio – I go with it. I figure that if my body feels like it’s not getting enough of a particular workout, then I should try to do more of it, at least for a while.

But this week I learned something new: Because of the medication I’m taking with my blood clotting disorder, I have to be careful about taking my heart rate too high. So today, I indulged myself and invested in a fancy new heart rate monitor.

Ok, it’s not that fancy. My old Polar heart rate monitor (from back when Rick and I were just dating) was on the same level of fancy as this one. But I’m a mama on a budget, and anything that I actually spend over a hundred bucks on is pretty fancy in my world. So my $160 heart rate monitor is fancy, ok?

It’s a Garmin VivoFit. I don’t really know all of the things it does, I just know that it works as a great heart rate monitor when I’m working out, counts all of my steps during the day and syncs my data to my phone so that I can monitor what’s going on with my body when I work out.

I feel like a professional, you guys.

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What’s funny is that back in my early twenties, I wore a pedometer literally every day. It was kind of dumb – considering I was walking around a college campus every day and never walked fewer than 10,000 steps ever – and imagining myself with a pedometer clipped to my hip now makes me laugh, because all I can picture is a nerdy girl walking around campus with this 90s pager hooked to her hip. Seriously.

But the thing is, counting your steps is a great motivator to working out more. It’s awesome for challenging yourself to do more. And the fact that I can track my workouts on my phone will really help me to challenge myself without pushing myself too far. Not that I have a tendency to do that or anything.

Oh – and it tells me when I’ve been sitting for too long. Which is super awesome for keeping active because of my clotting disorder.

Anyway, I’m more excited to work out this weekend than I have been all week. And to figure out all the bells and whistles that my fancy new heart rate monitor has to offer!

OH: And speaking of finding the motivation to workout – you should really read my latest article at MomsMagazine. It’s all about my journey to a better life by taking some time out to focus on my own health.

Happy Friday!

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