Dreary Saturdays Are Great Couch Days

1. It’s cold and dreary outside. Freezing rain is falling from the sky. and I’m cuddled up on the couch with my two Rickys – with a little giant Lucy curled up at my feet. Life is good.

2. A grilled ham and cheese sandwich sounds mighty delicious right now. Maybe with a side of tomato soup? But the truth is I’m far too comfortable to actually get off my derrier and make something…

3. And if I were being really ambitious, I’d head to the liquor store to pick up some super sweet Barefoot Moscato. Because that’s how I roll. But since I’m clearly not going anywhere anytime soon, I guess this apple cider will have to do.

4. My house is in dire need of a deep cleaning. That also will not be happening today.

5. I did work out today. And went to Sam’s Club. Which totally justified those two totally unnecessary old fashioned donuts I ate earlier. Oops!

6. And speaking of sweets, I’m planning on doing a full on baking sesh tomorrow. I.am.so.excited!

7. The Bourne series never gets old. NEVER. Know what else I can watch for hours on end? Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition. That show is amazing.

8. This weather makes me want to go on vacation. And then I remember that vacations are expensive and mama’s supposed to be saving money. :sigh: Maybe in the Spring?

9. Speaking of saving money, I have a whole Holiday Money Saving Guide coming for ya’ll in the next couple of days…get excited. It’s good.

10. And in other news…I’ve got nada. Unless of course you want to check out some of my latest work around the web!

And while you’re at it, why not check out some of the freelance jobs on my Freelance Job Board? Happy Saturday!

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