Doing Arbonne and Being Actionable

Happy Tuesday!

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So without further ado, today’s video is about being actionable:

And with that, let me tell you guys something: being “full time” with Arbonne is really about 10-15 hours a week, depending on the week. And the great thing is that those hours really fit into little pockets of time throughout the day – so it’s not this crazy time commitment. But the way that we can keep it to that number of hours is by being very on purpose about the hours we spend working. Like I said in the video – it’s not about organizing your desk. It’s not about going to Target to find the cutest bags to deliver product in. It’s about really focusing on the things that are going to make your business successful: making those calls to fill your calendar and doing anything you need to do to support the things that you put on your calendar.

Have questions? Email me at Want to learn more about hosting a spa party or how Arbonne could help out your family? Then email me too. I’d love to help you guys out by giving you any of the info you need!

Ciao bellas!


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