DIY Utility Cord Chain Bracelet Bangle

So remember last week I mentioned that I’m all about this DIY stuff, especially gifts that I can actually make myself? Well, that’s true: lurve me a good DIY project. But the thing is, if I’m going to wear it or gift it to someone {or both}, it can’t look like it’s so much homemade – if you catch my drift. And if that was a little too subtle, let me really lay it out there: I like to make things that look like they were bought in a store. Or at the very least off of Etsy. Moving on.

I discovered this awesome utility cord bracelet idea online {probably on Pinterest, although I don’t quite remember}. It’s a super fun project – and anyone who knows how to crochet can definitely make this on their own! Don’t know how to crochet? You can check out this tutorial to learn how. Annnd moving on.

Start by crocheting out a line of links with the utility cord. I used a size 8 crochet hook to make this work. The chain should wrap around your wrist and be loose – since it’s a bangle, it needs to be able to slide over your wrist easily! Attach the two ends using a slip stitch.

Continue crocheting around the chain circle you’ve created until you reach the desired thickness for your bangle. Tie off your work.

Spread some glue over the knots where you started and ended your design. Don’t worry, they won’t show! Let the glue dry completely before you proceed.

Once the glue is tried, trim the ends of cord that are hanging off of your bangle. Then turn the whole thing inside out – like I said, the ends won’t show!

Now use one of those plastic kiddie needles {or a tapestry needle if you’re not afraid that you’ll poke yourself…} to weave a chain throughout the entire bracelet. There doesn’t have to be a pattern to this – in fact, the more random the better!

Once you’ve gotten through the whole bangle, trim the excess chain {use a wire cutter, not a scissors!} and attach the two ends using a jewelry pliers.

And then you’re good to go! You can get the cord in whatever color you like, but I totally love the hot neon colors – including this orangey-clementine one that I picked out.

It can really go with anything – I wore it yesterday with a long sleeved white t-shirt in the morning – and then the bean spit up all over me, so I changed into a graphite colored shirt…and the bangle still matched!

Make one for yourself for practice – and then start making them for gifts. They’re fun to make and look super cute – a perfect little DIY Christmas gift!

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