DIY: Make Your Own Table Centerpiece

I saw some inspiration for this project on Pinterest the week before Halloween and knew that it was something I needed to make. I might actually move it up to be our dining room table centerpiece – but for now it looks pretty on my office conference table, donchathink? This was a super easy way to make use of some old wine bottles. And it was one of the least expensive projects I’ve made to date! There are so many different ways you could display these – you could fill them with a gorgeous winter floral arrangement or – if the mouths of the bottles are big enough – glitterize some candles and use them as candlestick holders. Anyway, here’s how to make a fabulous winter centerpiece for your table.

Start with three wine bottles. You could go more or less than that, depending on the effect you want the centerpiece to have. I like things grouped in sets of three…so I saved three wine bottles for this particular project. Set them up outside somewhere (or in your garage, like me) on top of some old newspaper. Or a garbage bag, if you don’t have any old newspapers.

Spray the bottles with a covering of paint primer. If you get an even coating, you should only need one coating of this stuff. And the paint job really doesn’t need to be absolutely perfect…so don’t worry if you get one or two drippy spots.

Once that’s totally dry, set up a space where you can use your spray glue, glitter and epsom salts. I set up a plastic dinner plate – the kind that has sides to it – on top of my garbage tub in the garage and it worked very well.

One at a time, spray each bottle and hold it over the plate while you sprinkle some glitter over the top. The excess glitter will end up on the plate, and you can re-use it if you want to. You can lightly spread the glitter over the bottle with your hand. Again, this doesn’t need to be perfect. The epsom salts will cover any mistakes. The glitter really gives the bottles a snow covered effect…so don’t skip this step!

Dump a good amount of your epsom salt onto your workspace. Again, take the bottles one at a time and apply the spray glue and then roll them in the epsom salts. You might have to re-apply the glue in some places to get the bottle covered. It might be hard to roll the neck of the bottle in the salts, so sprinkle the salt over the bottle with your hand. The epsom salt gives the snowy appearance!

Then you’re ready to display the bottles! This was a totally inexpensive project – I’m guessing that it cost less than five bucks (in terms of the amount of product I actually used) to make. We had the spray glue, paint primer and wine bottles on hand. The glitter and epsom salts were my only expense!

In my office, they’re sitting on a Christmas platter and filled with some gold floral things that I picked up at the Home Depot. But I’m thinking that they would look totally gorgeous on a white platter on my dining room table, maybe with some little tea lights surrounding the display. Happy crafting!

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