DIY: How to Shine Your Shoes Like a Pro

I have this favorite pair of Frye boots. They’re the Jane – a classic, dark brown leather riding boot. They’re gorgeous – and I can pair them with anything from jeans to leggings to sweater dresses. Which I do, all winter long. The only problem is that I haven’t been taking as good of care of my Janes as they’ve been taking of me…and these boots have been looking a little lackluster lately. So before I brought them to my shoe guy or attempted to really polish them myself, I invested in a little five dollar shine kit from Target. And it worked like a dream.

This is the little kit that I bought – and it’s super easy to use! You just apply the sponge to the boot and rub – the shine liquid automatically distributes along the sponge so you don’t even have to worry about getting your hands dirty!

These were my poor Frye boots before. Super beat up – I literally wear them all winter, if you can’t tell. And with how spendy a pair of Frye’s can be, I don’t exactly want to buy another pair to replace them if I don’t have to!

One boot done and one boot to go – can you tell the difference? Five minutes sure can make these babies look gorgeous again!

Check out the toes – this stuff really makes a big impact with not a lot of effort. Which makes mama very happy.

And now they’re both done – amazing, am I right? I can’t wait to throw these on with my favorite black sweater dress this weekend!

I realize that I will eventually need to polish these boots up with some real shoe polish – but for a quick shoe shine, you really can’t beat this super affordable Kiwi product!

It worked out so well, I even shined up my hubby’s favorite brown boots. These are boots that he literally refuses to part with. He loves them. So a shoe shine is definitely in order.

One boot done, one to go: more of a subtle difference than it was with the Frye’s, but you can still tell a difference. My hubby is clearly less hard on his shoes than I am.

And voila! All done – the hubs was definitely impressed. And it only took me a few minutes on each shoe to make them look like they’re brand new!


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