DIY Christmas: Time to Hang Some Garlands – The Outdoor Version

Now that Thanksgiving is over and you’re home from all that Black Friday shopping, you know what you want to do. No, not take a nap. Not wrap all those holiday gifts. You want to decorate for Christmas, duh! And where better to start than by putting up some garlands. Right? I thought so.

Let’s start with the outdoor ones first – since it’s freezing in the frigid tundra today, you probably want to get these out of the way first!

I have two banisters on our front entryway, so I bought two super cheap indoor outdoor garlands for them. Seriously: I got these for less than three bucks each at Menards – which happens to be where I get a ton of our Christmas decor. Hey, they have great stuff and it’s cheaper than Target! Who can beat that?

I like cheap garland for outside – because it means I don’t feel like a giant guiltasaurus if it gets ruined in the snow/ice/winter craziness.

Roll out your first garland and fluff it. Garland fluffing, in my world:

    Start at one end of the garland and start stretching out each of the individual pieces. Sticks. Leaves. Whatever you want to call them.
  • Move them around to a position where the garland looks full and more “real”.
  • Work your way down to the other end of the garland. Difficult to figure out, I know.

Get your lights ready to go. Again: Menards, less than two bucks a pack for these babies. We’re doing colored lights outside because apparently that’s what you do when you have a child. Slash the hubs thinks they catch your eye more with the snow – which is cool. But I still get my clear twinkly lights inside.

Start wrapping your lights on the garland. Weave them through the individual leaves/sticks/pieces of the garland. Whatever you want to call them…

When you’re done…plug in your lights. Test them out. Appreciate the pretties!

Annnnd more pretty. Twinkly lights are the best.

Pound a nail into the top of the outdoor banister and the bottom of the banister – for securing the garland to the pole.

Attach the end wire – the thick extra wire that you’ll find at either end of the garland – to the top nail on the banister. Make sure you start at the end that doesn’t plug into the wall – or you’ll end up re-doing this!

Wrap around the banister – attach the bottom wire to the bottom nail. And voila! You’re done. Well, partially done. You still have to wrap the other banister. And then find an extension cord to plug the lights into your outdoor outlet. Which I have yet to do…and you don’t get the twinkly lights until you can actually plug in the cord…

The indoor garland guide is coming next!


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