DIY Christmas: Sparkly Snowflakes for Your Windows

*UPDATE* I became un-lazy tonight and changed out some of the snowflakes with longer lengths and extended the window bling to the other side of the window. Here’s the final product, with more pictures in the sunshine coming tomorrow…since I have an aversion to leaving my house unless absolutely necessary when it’s dark and freezing outside. Night ya’ll!

Right this very second, I’m sitting in my room with the hubs and the kiddos (aka Baby Ricky and Lucy the wonder pup) eating saltines topped with cream cheese and homemade apple chutney. I started another DIY Christmas project tonight – a little sparkly snowflake number in the nursery window – and now I can’t decide if I stick with my original plan to stay on just one side of the window or stop being a lazy butt, take the screen out of the second window and continue the sparkles over there.

Here’s what it looks like from the inside

And here’s what it looks like from the outside:

So while I ponder my options, let me show you exactly how easy it is to add a little bling to your windows…

You’ll need some sparkly snowflakes. You could definitely make these at home – or you can do like I did and buy a pack of twenty for five bucks at Target. Cheap and easy: my kind of project!

You’ll also need some pretty string – I found this gorgeous snowy-esque sparkly stuff from Tar-get Bou-tique for a whopping three bucks a roll.

Attach the base of the string to one of the snowflakes using a double knot. The string should still be attached to the spool, in case you were wondering!

Measure the string and snowflake on the window to decide how long you want your string to be. Cut and attach using a piece of tape. Seriously: that’s it.

Rinse and repeat. Play with the lengths of string so that the snowflakes hang at different heights!

The more I’m looking at this, the more I think I’m going to need to take that screen out and continue my little project across to the other window – and maybe mix in some longer lengths of string. The look from the outside is totally different than it is inside. I’ll post an update tomorrow!


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    Deb says

    Beautiful bling for your windows, Cortney!
    I do something very similar using fishing line instead of string.

    I always take the screens off my windows in the winter time because I prefer the unobstructed view of a clean window versus looking through a screen. Your snowflakes look way better on both sides of the window = )

    Can’t wait to see what other DIY Christmas decorating projects you come up with!!

    • 2


      Thanks Deb!

      Yes – I like taking the screens off too – I just didn’t know where I was going to store this one (mostly because I was too lazy to bring it down to our Utility room in the basement, lol).

      More coming soon 🙂

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