DIY Christmas: How A Little Ribbon Can Spruce Up Your Holiday Decorating

Well guys, I just got home from the craft store where RJ and I were milling about to pick up some materials for a bunch of DIY Christmas gifts we’ll be making this week. And I kid you not, I stood in line for 45 dang minutes just waiting to get some lanyard cut at the cutting counter! And now I’m realizing that I totally forgot a couple of things. Oops! So while we’re cooling off from our adventure at JoAnn Fabrics and contemplating getting started on some of these projects, I have an easy holiday decorating tip for you: a little ribbon can really go a long way to making your house look festive! Here are a few glimpses into my own use of festive ribbon at home:

Tie a little bow on top of random things around the house – like this Eiffel Tower wine rack – to add a little splash of color in unexpected places!

Weave ribbon through your pinecone filled vases for a touch of color. To keep it easy for storage and re-use next year, keep the ribbons in the same bag that you store the pinecones in!

On lamps that I don’t use very often, I tie ribbons around the shade. I don’t recommend doing this on lamps that you use a lot – just because of the heat factor.

Another way to weave a little color into your vases with ribbon. It’s an easy way to add a little Christmas cheer to overlooked places!

How do YOU add holiday spirit in little ways at your house?


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    For me, scent is a big one. The holiday scents of cinammon, pine, etc. usually make me feel more in the holiday mode! I love scentsy and use the plug in warmers from Bath and Body works throughout the house too.

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      I totally agree – I love buying the bags of freshly scented pine cones at the craft store. They smell amazing! I also keep a pine scented candle in our kitchen (we have an open concept main floor) for days when I’m not cooking anything so that the house smells good no matter what 🙂

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