DIY Christmas: Garlands Add Some Sparkle to Your Life (The Indoor Version)

Yesterday, I showed you guys our outdoor garlands. Well – I showed you one of our outdoor garlands. Since I still don’t have an extension cord to plug them in, I really don’t have a completely finished project to show you. But all in due time, my friends: the hubs is working on re-organizing the garage. Which means that I should have an extension cord…by the end of the week. So in the meantime, let me share my indoor garland pretties with you for a little DIY Christmas inspiration.

Start by fluffing the garland. And if you’re really good: teach your hubby not to text and fluff. These garlands, by the way, also came from my favorite holiday destination: Menards. And I paid around seven bucks for these {much fluffier} pieces.

Let your pup help the hubs apply some lights to the garlands. And this would be the wrong way to apply lights to a garland. The right way would be to actually weave them beween the leaves/sticks/pieces. Which he did after teasing me with this “finished project”.

Buy a pack of these garland ties to attach your garland to the banister. Trust me: they’re a lot easier to use {and prettier!} than just wrapping the garland around the railing!

Swoop the garland – starting at the point closest to your wall plug in. Use the garland ties at the top of each “swoop”. Yes, that is the technical term for this.

Use some pretty ribbon {I chose this sparkly red number from – you guessed it – Menard’s} to tie festive bows over the garland ties. Starting to look a little more like a picture from a magazine, no?

Tying bows out of ribbon isn’t hard – tie it just like you’d tie your shoes! The trick is that after you have your bow shape, you need to stretch and fluff the ribbon – and roll the ends under a little to make the bows look complete.

At the end of your banister, add a bigger bow with some fancy ribbon. This ribbon actually did not come from Menard’s – I think it’s probably from a florists shop. I got it from my mama’s storage room. I’m good like that.

Start adding decorative ornaments {from Menard’s, can you believe it!} by wrapping the wire around the individual pieces of the garland. You do this for two reasons: one, you don’t want the wire to show. Two, you don’t want the ornaments to hang off of the garland, you want them to look like they’re part of the garland.

Work your way to the top – like the color scheme? It’s whimsy-meets-class. At least, in my head that’s what it’s called.

Voila! Pretty!

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      These ones are 9′ – but I was able to attach them about 1/3 of the way down the banister and you can’t even tell that they’re 2 separate ones 🙂

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