DIY Christmas: An Elegantly Simple Christmas Tree

Over the Thanksgiving weekend – ok, ON Thanksgiving – we put our Christmas tree up! And yes – that would be a nine foot tree in an eight-and-a-half foot space. Since we went with the faux tree, I was able to bend the top pine sections of the tree down, and ultimately covered them with a big ribbon – and now you can’t even tell that the tree was too tall for the space!

When it comes to tree decorations, I am truly of the notion that the simpler the better. Last year we actually just did tons of little lights all over the tree! This year, though – I wanted to do something a little more than that. But nothing over the top. And here’s what I ended up with!

Start by setting up your Christmas tree. We went with a faux tree this year – because we have a little guy that spends a lot of time in the living room and a dog that thoroughly enjoyed trying to eat our real tree last year. I’ve always been the girl that has a real tree in her living room – but I’m actually really appreciating how easy it is to just put up a tree that has the lights attached – and not have to worry about constantly vacuuming up the needles!

Cut your ribbon in the lengths you want – I stood on a chair and held the end of the ribbon at the top of my tree and let the rest of it fall. And then cut it at the length that hit the floor. Super scientific, I know.

Roll the ribbon into a tight roll like this. This helps to make sure that you don’t have just straight strands of ribbon down the sides of your tree. Trust me: the added visual texture makes a difference!

Attach the ribbon at the top of the tree by weaving it through a couple of the pine leaves/pieces/I really don’t know what they’re called!

Rinse and repeat…

And keep repeating until you get enough ribbon on your tree that you’re satisfied with the look.

To make the bow for the top of the tree, I actually re-used an old bow that I had in my Christmas ribbon bag!

I wove a long piece of this green ribbon and then a piece of each of the striped red and green ribbons I used for the length of the tree through the knot of the bow. Actually all of my ribbon was recycled this year…

Pretties for the top of the tree 🙂

Add it to the top of your tree using florist wire. Don’t forget to tuck the ends of the ribbons hanging from the bow under – or they’ll just look funny!

I realize that it’s hard to see the bow from that photo – so here’s my close up from 5’6 on the floor…

Link up! I want to see pictures of YOUR Christmas tree this year!


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      Awe thanks mama! It is our first year with the tree. I missed the smell – so I just put a pine candle in our kitchen! Other than that it’s great – way less mess and I don’t have to worry about the dog trying to eat our Christmas tree!

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