DIY Christmas: An Artsy Entryway Tree

Every entryway needs a little holiday cheer. But not every entryway has a lot of space for an full on Christmas tree. Which is where sticking some sticks in a vase can come in handy. Ok – this is a little more involved than just tossing some sticks in a vase. But to be honest, it’s not that much harder than it sounds! Before you start, you’re going to need a variety of “sticks” from the floral section of the craft store (all of mine other than the skinny gold ones are re-used from the last two holiday seasons – and originally came from my parent’s garage!), some mini-tree decorations (think whimsical colors) and a tall, unique vase.

The nice thing about this? You either already have the majority of these things in your storage room, or you can save them to use for years to come – and they’re not crazy expensive to invest in, especially if you wait for things to go on sale…

Start by placing the sticks individually into the vase. Don’t just dump them in there – arrange them one by one. Trust me, you’ll appreciate taking the time to do this when you see the finished project. Here I have two types of sticks in the vase: straight ones with little cottontails on them (which helps to hold the ornaments) and some that are more gnarled at the top, which adds depth – and also more places to hang the ornaments.

I realize that it’s hard to see, but here I’m going to add in some of those sparkly gold floral decorative pieces (which I got at Home Depot of all places – in the holiday department) to the perimeter of the vase. They just add a little extra sparkle to the finished product – and they’re a lot easier to see in person!

Start adding the mini ornaments – which, if you don’t have any, I’ve seen at Target and Menards. Hey, discount shopping isn’t a bad thing guys!

Work your way all the way around the vase…

Voila! You have a super easy, gorgeous decoration for your entryway. Or anywhere else that you want to put it – complete with a little whimsy!

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