DIY: Chalkboard Coasters and Wine Tray

When I saw the idea for chalkboard coasters, I knew I had to have them. But of course, I had to make a matching wine tray to go with them: because we’ll probably be using the coasters when we have company, why not make an entire matching set! It’s a totally unique way to present beverages to your guests. You could also use the tray to lay out different cheeses – but you’d probably need to leave the cheese on a small plate or put some wax paper underneath it so that it didn’t get chalk on it. Anyway, on to the project!

Start with four small square tiles and one large tile – the actual sizes are up to you – from the hardware store. Set them up on a clean space in a ventilated area (like on a laid out garbage bag on your garage floor…) where you can paint them – and leave them – for several hours.

Apply primer to each of the tiles, and don’t forget to paint the sides of the tiles while you’re working! Let them dry completely. When I make this project again, I’ll also paint the bottom of the tiles once the top is completely dry. You’ll see why in a minute.

Apply at least two coats of chalkboard paint to the top of the tiles. Let dry for at least 24 hours before you handle the tiles.

Once the tiles are completely dry, cut eight small squares of felt. Four are for the big tile: using your hot glue gun, apply one felt piece to each corner of the tile. Let it dry.

Use the remaining four pieces of felt on the bottom of the coasters. This will prevent the tiles from scratching the table that they sit on!

See what I mean about applying primer to the bottom of the tiles? It just adds a little extra pretty to the mix.

Now you have a great way to display your wine when you have company – you can specify what wines you’re serving!

And it’s an easy, fun way to make sure people don’t mix up their glasses: you can designate a coaster for each of your guests! You could also use these to designate where you want people to sit at a dinner party.

This also makes a great DIY gift! Just tie it up with some pretty twine or ribbon and you’re all set. Lovely and easy – the perfect project for this weekend for ya!

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