Our First Date Night. In a Year.

Last night, Rick and I had date night. This is a big deal. I can’t tell you the last time he and I actually went somewhere by ourselves. Actually, I can. It was a year ago when we went to Ft. Lauderdale for a weekend. Seriously. A year ago. We are so boring.

We are not the best at making time for nights like last night. Nights where we actually leave the house and go somewhere instead of having “date night” at home after Ricky goes to bed. Which generally consists of ordering in dinner, a glass of wine and sleepy time by about nine PM.

Or we have people over for a bar-be-que, and everyone brings their kiddos and we hang in the backyard and talk and play yard games (until like 10 PM, because we are super crazy like that). It’s awesome – and if you’re a singleton shaking your head right now, let me tell you: this is excitement when you are a grown up. THIS is couples night. And it’s actually super fun.

Yep, life with children. It changes your life. And usually, this is date night for us.

18 month photo shoot

But last night we did something different. We decided to go out to dinner last night. We went to Stillwater – which is this super cute river town down the road from us. We went to this awesome restaurant that had a live band, and I actually had a drink. A mojito! A GINGER mojito! It was pretty crazy, guys.

We would have done something super romantic-y like walk by the river or grab drinks in a quiet bar with soft jazz music after dinner, except it was pouring out, to the point where the weather alerts thought we might get a few inches of rain. To beat those kind of driving conditions we came back home.

Thankfully, mama thought ahead and got a bottle of Sangria from Costco earlier in the day. I’m nothing if not resourceful (and a good planner).

So we had a glass of sangria.

And that was date night.

Date night is amazing. We need to do that more often.

The end.

P.S. I never take pictures when we are out doing things like this. Le sigh. I need to get better at this.


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    Date nights are so needed. I totally hear ya on the “getting crazy and staying up until 10” thing. My parents live 2 hours away, but have a flexible schedule. I asked them last fall if they’d be up for coming over a Friday a month, picking up the boys from daycare, and allowing us a date night. We haven’t done it every month, but it’s been great the months we have. We leave work at 4, go shop or something, go out for dinner, and are home by 7:30ish so they can drive back. It’s totally refreshing. I hope you get a few more nights like this in the near future.
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    Kelly says

    Yay to date night and many more to come!

    My hubby and I try to seize the moments whenever we can. One of his newest and brilliant idea is lunch date at least once a week whenever possible. πŸ™‚


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    ryanandjoesmom says

    We love Stillwater. Just talking about heading up there for a date day! Love the antique stores and the spice shop. Dang I sound so old. πŸ™‚

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