Cold season makes me crabby. But McDonald’s coffee makes me happy.

Between a sick hubby, a fussy (and borderline sick) baby and the nagging feeling that I’m coming down with the same cold that Rick has…well, you could say I haven’t slept too much in the last couple of days. Which basically means my head is a little non-sensical today. So bear with me – I’ll try to stay as coherent as possible. And I’ll just apologize in advance if my jumbled thoughts make absolutely no sense at all…

1. We came home from the lake on Sunday and my brain was suddenly overwhelmed with a ton of projects and things that I needed to get done. It was bizarre – like a weekend of relaxing had gotten my subconscious churning and BAM! I had a full legal pad full of projects for the house, for The Mommyhood Project and for my actual work life that I wanted to get done. Basically: going on a mini-vacay can definitely boost your productivity. Aka we need to do this more often, no?

2. Yes, my hubs is sick. He came down with a cold on Saturday night and it’s finally starting to get better. We’ve been trying like crazy to prevent the little one from catching it. As in not only has Ricky had to keep his distance from la babe for the last three days, but I’ve been turning our bathroom into a steam room multiple times throughout the day (and night, since the sound of the shower is super calming for Sir Fussiness…). Which should be helpful for moi as well, right? Wrong. I’m definitely moving beyond borderline with this cold and into the full fledged deal.

3. I have some exciting Body by Vi recipes coming this week for ya’ll to try – trust me, you’re gonna love ’em!

4. On a side note, we listened to the new Jason Aldean cd all the way up to and all the way home from up north.

5. I got me a new pair of moccasins this weekend. They are fantastically comfortable and absolutely adorable. Why didn’t I invest in a pair of these things before?

6. Coffee has become my new BFF. After a long hiatus from my beverage of choice (while I was preggo with the bean), it’s resumed it’s rightful spot as number one in my life. Now, I know that a lot of people love their Starbucks or Caribou or whatever. But I don’t go for the fahn-cy coffee (ok, I make Caribou in my Keurig – but we’re talking about going out of the house for coffee here). I am secretly – slash not so secretly – in love with coffee from McDonald’s. Here’s why:

  • Coffee is coffee. It’s pretty dang hard to screw up brewing a simple pot of it. And I know they go through a lot of coffee at McD’s, which means it’s always just as fresh as the designer coffee shops.
  • They put the cream in the cup for you. All I say is. “one large coffee with three creams, please!” – and BAM! I get coffee with the right amount of cream in it – no questions asked and no fiddling with the little cream packets. I love that.
  • They have a drive through – which is pretty much essential for moms with kids in carseats. It’s a pain in the rear to get the babe in and out of the car just so I can wait in line for five minutes to grab a coffee. Coffee drive through = happy mama.

7. Do you watch the show Revenge? I do. And I’m obsessed. I just thought ya’ll should know that.

8. Are you a Pinterest addict? I’ve become a total lurker on that site. To the point where I’ve decided that it’s time to start actually trying some of the amazingly adorable things I’ve found on there. Don’t worry, I’ll obviously chronicle all of my trials and tribulations right here – because I’m sure that even if my attempts at craftiness are not successful, they will be entertaining. Right? Yeah, I thought so.

9. I’m attempting to get my pre-baby-body back. Actually, I’m attempting to get a better-than-pre-baby-body back. In the middle of being preggo with the bean, I fell in love with the Ballet Barre workouts. Only I never really had the time/energy/ability to kick start a new workout routine while I had a basketball for a belly – especially one that required a crazy balancing act. But now that I’ve pretty much gotten back to my normal size, I’m realizing that this doughy lower abdomen just isn’t going to go away without some serious effort on my part. So I’m going to try this supposedly fabulous new workout (from the comfort of my own home) and see if it lives up to the hype. Complete with weekly updates on it’s effectiveness. In my mind, I will be svelte and toned by Christmas. We’ll see if my reality lives up to the image in my head.

10. Annnnd now I’m craving a donut with a side of coffee. Sweet.

Happy Tuesday!

:side note: McDonald’s has no idea who I am. I just love their coffee like woah.


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