Christmas Was Awesome. But it Left My House a Total Mess.

I can’t believe that tomorrow is New Year’s Eve. It literally seems like it was just weeks ago that we brought in 2012. The year went by so fast and life changed in the blink of an eye. It went by so fast, in fact, that I don’t even have any resolutions for the New Year – other than to just enjoy life as it comes!

We’re still recovering from Christmas. If you could see what my house looks like right now, you would probably be appalled. Slash able to relate. Ok, it’s not as terrible as I’m making it sound. And we are slowly getting our house back to some semblance of normal. But we’re not quite there yet. Ok, ok, ok. I’ll share pictures. But only if you promise not to judge!

And I’ll apologize in advance. Messy spaces get a cell phone camera. Not a fancy one…

My laundry room is looking less and less like a war path! Only because I’ve done no less than six loads of laundry since last night. Having a day off today is my laundry miracle. Oh wait…mommies don’t get days off! Good thing life with a newborn teaches you to multitask really well…

I kid you not, I vacuumed and washed our entryway floors before I made dinner last night. Eighteen hours later and they’re dirty again. This is what happens in winter in Minnesota. Slash when you have white floors in your entryway. And when your hubby likes tinkering with things in the garage on the weekends. Aka a hubby that’s in and out of the house five times an hour…love you honey!

I can’t even really comment on this. Except to say that my office really did used to be clean. Before I had a child.

Our guest bedroom has turned into the sorting grounds for anything and everything lately. Target trips, Christmas gifts, baby clothes, work clothes, returns…the room is a dumping ground for anything that I need to go through. Aka baby and daddy are having play time this afternoon while mommy gets this place cleaned up…

Hey, at least my living room isn’t a total disaster area! Oh – and that activity gym? It’s a baby occupying godsend.

Christmas is my favorite time of year. But it’s definitely not my most productive time of year…obviously. Mama needs to get her rear in gear so that we have a clean, organized house for the new year!

Please tell me your house is as messy as mine is after the holidays!


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    My househas definitely been a mess too! We were out of town for Christmas and somehow managed to leaved stuff all around the house when we unloaded the car. I made a lot of progress yesterday though!

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      Lol – he knows. He actually washes the floors more than I do!

      Ahhh I know how you feel! Right before the baby arrived I just couldn’t stay on top of everything. The office was the first thing to go – and it obviously hasn’t been picked back up three months later!!

      Good luck with the new baby, mama!

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      Ahhh we have some but I need new ones. One got a snag and now the vacuum eats part of it every time I clean! Maybe I should get some better rugs for outside the door so that we can wipe our boots before coming in! You deal with this as a Minnesotan too, doncha Deb?

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    Susan says

    My house was not too shabby on Christmas Day. Why? Because we spent it at my mothers. All 19 of us. Posting pictures of what the livingroom looled like after 19 people open gifts would have been a crime.

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