Blogging: Social Media for Mom Bloggers

Both in my blogging life and my work life, I get one question from clients and readers alike: where to I start if I'm really not that into social media? And like everything else, it really varies depending on who your audience is and what your end goals are. Since I have a lot of readers out there that ave personal blogs, and very specifically mom blogs Read more [...]

Top ten blogging tips for a successful blog

It's no secret around here that I've been blogging for a damn long time. Since 2007, if you're keeping track. And yes, that would be about seven years of my life putting my innermost thoughts out into the world for ya'll to read. Which I thank you for, by the way! Anyway, outside of my blogging life I'm also a total SEO/social media geek. So because Read more [...]
I have a lot of friends who blog. I probably have a lot more friends than I actually know about who have a blog. By that basic statement - and the title of this post - you're probably thinking that the former is simply better at branding themselves. And yes, to some extent that's true. Here's the thing about blogs: they're really easy to start. They Read more [...]
One thing I hear a lot - both from bloggers and my clients - is that they just don't "get" social media. Why it's important, how to use it and what it does for them in the long run. One thing I've realized about bloggers is that a lot of them don't want to use their social media accounts to promote their work. This happens for many reasons, but mostly Read more [...]

Blogging Better: How to create content consistently

I have a lot of friends who blog. Some do it for fun, others to share their lives with family that lives across the country and others do it professionally. No matter who you are or why you do it, there's one thing that seems to be a universal struggle for bloggers: being consistent with their posts. If you're looking to take your blog more seriously Read more [...]
Last week, my SEO cohort (Rachel Gold) and I recorded a little impromptu video on how to work SEO - and more specifically, how the Google Hummingbird update - will affect your blog. One of the big pieces of this update is the shift to incorporating longer content into some of your posts. Now if you've ever tried to go from writing, on average, 500 word Read more [...]
Yesterday, Rachel Gold and I chatted live about the Google Hummingbird update and how it can impact your blog {slash content in general}. Key highlights of the conversation include: How longer content is becoming more important - and how to build longer content into your site Why social media is important for conversational search and how to choose Read more [...]
In my day job, I work as a marketing consultant. While I focus on several core areas, one of my main geekeries is SEO and content marketing. While my knowledge is vastly applied to helping professional service firms grow, I do get a lot of questions from my blogging friends about how the latest Google updates affect how they blog. And if you've been Read more [...]
If you've read a lot of my posts about being a great blogger, you know that one tip I give is to try to guest blog on other sites and accept posts on your own. So you might be thinking that it's completely contradictory for me to blow off emails from people wanting to submit posts to my site. So let me divulge a little secret to you: There are companies Read more [...]
Did ya'll know that part of my day job involves teaching people all about blogging and social media? Well, it does. Which makes me at least a semi-expert in what you should be doing right now to improve your blog, curate your audience and just generally leave a larger impact on the world wide web. So what does this mean today? Well, it means I'm going Read more [...]
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