WAHM: Making It All Work With Limited Childcare

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After my last post, I got a lot of emails from all of you who also work from home, wondering how I make it all work. Sure, I've got these tips and tricks for working from home with a little one...but what actually makes our days tick?  I get it: ... [ Read More ]

WAHM: How do you actually get WORK time?

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Have you read all those articles about how we all have our kids way too involved in too many things, there are too many things on their schedules, yada yada yada? Me too. I'm one of those parents who likes my child to try things, but we haven't ... [ Read More ]

WAHM: Separating Your Work Life and Family Life

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One of the hardest things about being a WAHM is the fact that you're likely working out of your home a lot of the time - which makes separation of work life and family life really hard. Trust me from experience, my office is in my basement. And it ... [ Read More ]

Blogging Tips: Why I Became a Freelance Blogger

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If you didn't already know this, I write for a living. Well, back that up. I consult for a living. And a big part of that is freelance blogging. But this isn't want I've always done. I have a strong background in marketing and finance, writing, ... [ Read More ]

Blogging Tips: How to Find Brand Partners

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Read more blogging tips here! I've gotten several messages over the last week from readers asking me one thing: how do I find the right brand partners for my blog? The truth is, there's not one fit that works for everyone - but there's certainly ... [ Read More ]

Blogging Tips: Using Lists to Stay Productive

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Read more blogging tips here! I'm naturally a list person. I love the feeling of crossing things off - and getting to the end of a mighty long list of things I've accomplished. But beyond having this achiever mentality, lists are actually what ... [ Read More ]

Blogging Better: Editorial Calendar Secrets

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Read more blogging tips here! So you've heard about this thing called an "editorial calendar." But if you don't work in marketing, you might not know what the heck I'm talking about. And no matter what field you work in, figuring out how to create ... [ Read More ]


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Days like today make me so thankful. This morning, Ricky played while mommy was productive. We went for a bike ride, had lunch on the deck and played in the sandbox. We went to the park and for a long walk with our friends. And now he's napping - ... [ Read More ]