28 Weeks Pregnant: Getting Organized for Baby

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The second that the third trimester hits, you really start to feel like a house. My darling husband told me that I've really started to exhibit the pregnant lady waddle. Especially when I try to move quickly. He's a gem you guys. Since my short ... [ Read More ]

Being Thankful After Losing…A Lot.


This morning, at 5:30, when my toddler woke up and needed his paci to finish that last hour of coveted sleep, a realization hit me. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S DECEMBER. The older I get, the faster the months go by. About twelve months ago we were ... [ Read More ]

13 Weeks Pregnant: I’ve Got a Baby Belly

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Today I had lunch with a few friends after bible study. To clarify, I didn't make it to bible study because my 2 year old decided that 5 AM is a completely appropriate time to start our day. And then he crashed for a morning nap around 8:30. So we ... [ Read More ]

11 Weeks Pregnant: Finding Balance.

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Ever since we lost Addison, my life became about finding this seemingly non-existent place of balance. It's never been my strong suit. And I think that was really thrown in my face when we lost our sweet baby girl. And with all the changes that ... [ Read More ]