Stillbirth, One Year Later.

busy week

Saturday was the one year marker since Addison's birth. Or death. Or whatever you call stillbirth a year later, because I still haven't figured that one out. It's a year later, and I don't feel healed. I have two amazing kids here, but I still ... [ Read More ]

Trust Your Gut

I feel super behind, on everything. Last week, Rick and Ricky both got sick with a stomach bug. I thought I avoided it, but came down with a nasty case of it on Thursday. Ever the stomach flu at 34 weeks pregnant? It's not easy, let me tell ... [ Read More ]

28 Weeks Pregnant: Getting Organized for Baby

baby clothes

The second that the third trimester hits, you really start to feel like a house. My darling husband told me that I've really started to exhibit the pregnant lady waddle. Especially when I try to move quickly. He's a gem you guys. Since my short ... [ Read More ]