Become an Arbonne Believer: I Wouldn’t Steer You Wrong, Guys!

This morning is one of those days when I really could use a nap. In the form of about six more hours of sleep. I know, I know – stop complaining, right? The reality is that I really can’t complain too much – because of a fabulous deal my Arbonne team is running until the end of the month. Are you ready? Wait for it….Fifty percent – yes, that’s 50% off of EVERYTHING until January 31st. That’s 50% off the RE9 line. 50% off of the most amazing makeup you’ll ever try. 50% off our health and wellness line. 50% off of anything your little heart desires!

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So if you’re already an Arbonne fanatic, you’re probably sitting at your computer about ready to pee your pants. If you’ve never used Arbonne – you’re probably hemming and hawing. You’ve got some girl writing in her blog about how amazing these products are – but are they really amazing? You don’t know. Ok guys. I’m going to tell you something. I am a total product freak. And when I first heard about Arbonne, there was no way that I believed that there could possibly be a company out there that I had never really checked out whose products were just crazy superior to all of my favorite brands. But I’m woman enough to admit it: I was wrong. Every.single.product. that I’ve tried by Arbonne has been the most fabulous thing I’ve ever used. Let me show you some of my fave products we make:

1. The RE9 Anti-Aging skincare line: I didn’t know this until about three weeks ago, but Arbonne actually pioneered anti-aging skincare before any other skincare company. And our products still beat out the number one department store brands in terms of effectiveness in clinical tests. The line smells citrus-y and goes on like buttah. Check out this before and after:

Regular priced, the RE9 Advanced Set is $323. Until January 31st, it’s $161.50. You can also check out individual pieces of the line – just let me know if you’d like to order by emailing me (

2. The Arbonne Make Up Primer: I’m a huge advocate of wearing a make up primer underneath your foundation or tinted moisturizer. It’s seriously a necessity. But I never in a million years thought that there would be a make up primer that could possibly beat out my Laura Mercier. Until I tried the Arbonne kind. It’s the softest, creamiest primer I’ve ever touched. I wore it by itself yesterday – aka nothing over it – and people actually thought I had make up on because it de-shined my face so well. Ah-mazing.

Regular priced the primer is $38. Until January 31st it’s $19 – please email me if you have any questions. Or if you want to try this stuff out!

3. The 30 Day Fit Challenge: If you read my blog regularly, you know that some readers and I are taking the 30 day fit challenge starting February 7th. I was offering a pretty solid discount on the products in the fit line for anyone who wanted to start up with us. But NOW they’re 50% off! And if you already emailed me to get started, your kit is going to be fifty percent off as well. Honestly, I can’t say enough good things about this challenge. I really need to get myself back on a healthy track, and every one of my friends that’s tried it has had success. I’m also planning on doing a seven day cleanse at the start of the challenge. So: JOIN THE CHALLENGE! Get yourself healthy! Check out the products and let me know what sounds like the best fit for you. I’m doing the full fit kit – because I really want to start this thing out with a bang. But if you only want to get your toes wet, try the protein mix to start. It’s delicious!

4. The Arbonne Baby Care Line: So Arbonne is formulated in Switzerland. And did you know that there are over 1200 banned products on the list of products allowed in Swiss beauty products? Yeah, neither did I. Know how many are on the list in the US? NINE. That’s it: nine. So basically, not only are we putting things on and into our bodies that aren’t that good for US, we’re doing it to our kids. Did you also know what makes the “No Tears” formula not make your child cry? A form of novacaine. I don’t know about YOU – but I don’t really want that going on or in my baby’s body on a regular basis. All Arbonne products are formulated to be PURE, SAFE and BENEFICIAL. They’re amazing for you and your baby – and I even know moms who use the baby lotion on themselves because it’s so soft! Check out the products for yourself – I can tell you from my own experience, you’re gonna fall in love. And you really can’t beat 50% off to try them out!

5. The RE9 Firming Body Cream: Ok, I really saved the best for last here. You guys are going to love this product – it’s my absolute favorite thing that we make. This is a firming cream that works. It helps to reduce cellulite (seen it with my own eyes), reduce scarring (seen it with my own eyes) AND get rid of that gross post-baby belly chicken (seen it with my own eyes). You would think that this kind of cream costs hundreds of dollars. But no – it’s a $68 product (and just $34 til the end of January!). Check out this before and after from one of the girls on my team (click on it to make it bigger):

Now you’re intrigued, right? I’m telling you guys, my mother-in-law tried it on a surgery scar last night and we literally watched the scar start fading before our eyes. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT and I’m totally using it to get rid of my thigh cellulite. Again, email me with questions or to order!

Honestly guys, I wouldn’t steer you wrong. I was a total non-believer and now I’m so in lurve with these products (and the company, but that’s a story for another day) that I decided to get involved with the business. And if that doesn’t speak to the effectiveness of these products, I really don’t know what does!

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