Because of the Hard Stuff, I’m a Better Mom – and a Better Person All Around

In the wee hours of this morning, my baby woke up. He’s actually been sleeping really well for the past five days, so when he wouldn’t go back to sleep I was a little surprised. La babe seemed pretty congested {which hopefully doesn’t signify the start of another cold!}, so I wound up rocking him back to sleep while sitting on the bathroom floor with the shower running. In the dark. Which seems to be becoming a theme in my life. But I digress.

While I sat there staring at my sweet baby boy, I realized that all of the little things that parents – myself included – have a tendency to complain about in regards to parenthood actually end up changing us for the better. How all of these little annoyances – like being woken up twelve times a night to get my baby his pacifier back – aren’t really all that bad. So here are the four ways that all of these little grievances {getting up at all hours of the night, getting peed/pooped on by my baby, dragging twenty pounds of gear everywhere we go…} have actually made me a much better person overall.

I’ve become more patient. It’s kind of a given, but becoming a parent forces you to gain patience. And coming from a girl who has never mastered this quality in the past, I’m kind of liking this change.

I’ve become more calm. Not to say that I was such a hot head before I had a child, but this kind of goes hand-in-hand with the whole becoming more patient thing: I’m just calmer about life in general. Although that might also have something to do with the fact that I’m just too tired to deal with anything that’s unimportant.

I’m more focused on my future. I was never a live for today only kind of girl, but I was never overly concerned about the specifics of my future. I just kind of thought everything would eventually fall into place. Now that I have a baby, I’m concerned with every single specific – from the speed and efficiently that I’m growing my business to how much money we put into his educational fund to where he’ll attend kindergarten, life is all about planning. And sometimes, that scares me a little.

I’m more confident. Ok, I’ve always been pretty confident. But I have to tell you guys, there’s something about being a mom – and knowing that you’re a good mom – that instills a new kind of confidence in you. Going through pregnancy and the first few months of motherhood aren’t easy. Making it out not just alive – but thriving – makes you realize that you really can take on any challenge that life throws your way.

So tell me in the comments: how did having a baby change YOU for the better?


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