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For Christmas, my parents got us a GoPro camera. I’ve been meaning to use it a million times since then, but it took me a while to get all of the needed accessories and figure out how to actually use it. I’m guessing that the intent was for us to use it with the little guy. But for my first “real” video, I’m giving all of you mommies something a little different: a quick makeup tutorial. I get lots of messages from ya’ll saying you don’t have time for make up or that you don’t know how to wear a simple face for just running after your kiddos every day. Enter: my daily face.

This is literally how I do my makeup almost every day (well, on the days I wear make up. I can do it in about five minutes, so it’s not a huge time suck. And it’s a great way to look pulled together, even on the days when you have no one to impress.

I should preface this by explaining that when I went to an office every day, I did a full face of make up every day. After I started working from home more frequently (before Ricky was born), I fell into this trap of never getting dressed and never putting on make up. And over time, I really didn’t feel like myself. I don’t want to get full out ready every day, especially the days when I’m just working from home. But I do like to feel a little more pulled together – and I think it helps me to focus better, because I actually got up and went through my morning routine.

So without further ado – my daily face – with steps and products below.

1. Turn on your hot jamz. Today’s selection: Last Friday Night by Katy Perry. Hey, sometimes I like to pretend I’m still young and hip.

2. Apply your eyeshadow. I like to go with something really light and neutral from the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette. The lightest pink works perfectly for a subtle amount of color, especially when you have a bit of a tan. Then use a blending brush to make sure you don’t have any obvious creases in your shadow.

3. To start applying your eyeliner, gently pull your eyelid towards your eyebrow so that you can apply underneath your lash line. This makes your lashes look longer and your liner blend better. Then apply liner to the top of your lid by gently tugging the side of your eye lid towards your ear – this ensures you get a straight, even line. Go back and fill any spots that are light, then make sure both of your eyes are even on eyeliner. I use the Loreal Infallible eye liner in black.

4. Add your mascara – I do this in two quick coats. I go back and forth between each set of lashes so that they have time to dry a bit between coats. On the second coat, I also apply to the back of my lases to get the fullest effect. I’ve referenced my love of drugstore mascara before – and you can see I’m serious – I’m using the Loreal Extra Volume Collagen mascara.

5. Apply a foundation primer. I use my hands, because it seems to give the best (and quickest) coverage. This is where I splurge a bit – I use the Laura Mercier hydrating primer.

6. Toss on some tinted moisturizer. I don’t like foundation – it’s too thick. So instead I use the Laura Mercier oil free tinted moisturizer. It has the right amount of color and coverage for all year wear. On days when I’m not actually going somewhere work related (or out for date night) this is where I’ll stop – I won’t add powder or blush. Especially in the summer. Make sure you blend really well!

7. Brush on some powder. I use the Clinique translucent powder. I’ve used drugstore brands before, and they do work really well. But this just gives you more for your money – I can usually get by with one of these every six months. I use a mini-foundation brush to get right under my eyes – I like a little bit more concentrated powder here to cover up my lack-of-sleep-dark-circles. You moms know what I’m talking about…

8. Blush it up! I use blush from Laura Mercier, and haven’t bought blush in 2 years (and I use it all the time. Seriously.

9. Add some gloss. Or color. Since I wasn’t going anywhere, I just used the Rosebud Perfume Company Rosebud Balm. I love that stuff – it’s amazing.

And that’s it! A super easy face for everyday wear.

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