Baby’s First Food – RJ’s Officially on Solid Foods.

I’m not sure if I mentioned this a few weeks ago or not, but RJ is officially on his first real food: oatmeal! It’s recommended that you start your baby on cereal – or their first solid foods – around four months because babies sometimes aren’t ready to start chewing {gumming?} their food until that point. RJ was ahead of that milestone: he showed all of the signs of being ready for his first solid foods, including being the right size. Seven ounces of formula wasn’t sustaining him long enough, and I couldn’t give him more than that at a feeding because it was simply too much liquid on his belly.

After talking to some moms about when they started their babies on cereal, I realized something: recommendations are just that. They’re not necessarily right for every baby. And if my baby was showing signs of being ready for more solid foods earlier than we expected him to be, I wasn’t going to make him wait it out for another month and a half while he was constantly hungry. So we tried it. And you know what? He loved it – and he was able to “chew” right away.

He can sit up with something assisting him – but for now, we just use the seat from his baby swing as a highchair. It has the right tilt for him to sit up but still be relaxed – and makes feeding time a breeze!

He loves the oatmeal – and meal times can get a little messy, I’m surprised at how well he eats this stuff! He’s gotten to the point where he makes the “mmmmm” noise a couple of times when he eats. It’s so dang adorable.

Oatmeal is easy – we decided to go with the oatmeal cereal over rice cereal because it’s less constipating for his belly. Since we haven’t started him on any other foods {like fruits and veggies} quite yet, I knew we needed to be careful about things that could back him up. A constipated baby is not a happy one – which can lead to a rough night for mama!

P.S. – those Boon spoons are awesome. I highly recommend them for babies that are starting out on solids!

Food coma. You can tell when your baby’s done eating because they don’t seem interested in their food anymore – after a few weeks of solids with RJ, I have a pretty good gauge on how much he will eat in a sitting. I free pour the oatmeal – but I’d say it’s about a tablespoon worth of dry cereal.

I’m planning on making all of his baby food at home. We have a baby bullet and a couple of baby food cook books. I like knowing that there’s nothing processed about his food and what ingredients are going into his body. I picked up some of the bendy ice cube trays to freeze the right portion sizes for him – which you just warm up a bit in the microwave when he’s ready to eat.

Honestly, I never really pictured myself to be the “make my own baby food” kind of mom. But here I am, domesticated as ever. And loving it. Hah. Oh, the ways we change when we have children…

A well fed baby is a happy one!

Tell me in the comments: when did you start your baby on solid foods?


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    sherry says

    We started or little guy Neal at 4 months also. He also seemed ready, less satisfied with breastmilk and grabbing for whatever mommy and daddy were eating drinking. He loves it too and seems much more satisfied.

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