Baby Love: The Photo Version

I told you guys yesterday that my friend Mandi (of Mandi Folks Photography right here in Woodbury!) took some shots of my little man at her house a couple of weeks ago. And now – without further ado – here are the gorgeous photos of la babe. I think you guys will agree that he is pretty darn handsome! And that Mandi is an amazing photographer. You should definitely check out more work on her site – it’s fabulous!

I love this one – he looks so happy and sweet. Which he totally is one hundred percent of the time. Even when he screams for an entire car ride.

That hat. It kills me. Loves it!

His stoic look.

Little man…

Custom onesie. Gotta love it!

Baby feet. Which we have already established I am in love with.

Baby legwarmers are absolutely comical

Hey hay hey.

Mama kisses.

One of my faves!

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