Baby Fix: A Baby Photo Dump

I love taking pictures of my little man. But sometimes I kind of forget about using our nice camera – and most of my pictures come out via Instagram. Know who’s really good about taking pictures of la babe with the *nice* camera? The hubs. He gets a kick out of having lovely little baby photo shoots at night when we’re all hanging out. And then I get to use them to show off our little guy on The Mommyhood Project. SCORE.

Now, the pictures don’t always turn out amazing – most of the time they’re ones that we love (because, you know, we’re his parents), but they usually end up being a bunch of really similar images. Or sometimes they just have a funky back light to them. Or they’re a little blurry. Stuff happens. But usually we get a few good ones. And if we’re lucky, one or two really good ones. Here are my faves from last night’s photo sesh:

AWAKE! And sooo sweet.

I don’t know what it is, but I love this picture. <3

I don’t know what happened to the lighting on this one, so ignore that. I just love the half Elvis lip!


Do you think he knows how adorable he is? Cause I really think he does…

Happy Friday ya’ll!


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    Using the fancy camera is a great thing. I, like you, only took iPhone pics of my son’s first year. The good news is we have about 3,000 pictures of him. The bad news is about 0 of those are frame worthy. Your little man is absolutely gorgeous!


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