Baby feet are adorable. And a DIY Halloween just turned into a DIY Christmas.

Life has been insane for the last couple of weeks. You would think that this is simply because we have a new baby in the house. But to be honest, adjusting to a new schedule with an infant hasn’t been terrible. It’s figuring out how everything else fits in with an infant that’s hard! Annnnd here’s what else has been going down in the land of babe:

1. I should never have brought Halloween candy into the house a week before the actual holiday. I can feel it calling to me from the pantry. So I cave and indulge. And then, an hour later, I’m grabbing another piece of chocolate. Because it’s delicious. But not so nutritious…

2. My intentions with a DIY Halloween last weekend didn’t pan out so well. Aka I got lazy. So now: we’re full force Christmas. I’m kicking things off with some Pinterest inspired projects that will {hopefully} be completed this week, depending on the babe. And Ricky’s building my faux fireplace this weekend! I’ll be sharing the step-by-step guides here. Get excited. I know I am!

3. I’m suddenly finding myself obsessed with baby feet. The bean’s feet are so cute, I just can’t stop staring at them! Maybe it has something to do with my shoe obsession?

4. In the middle of the summer, I feel like our laundry started to get out of control. I wasn’t sure how two people {plus Lucy} could possibly generate the amount of laundry that we did. And now with a small child, we generate….at least 1.5 times that much laundry every week. Not a day goes by when I’m not doing something laundry related. Apparently this is what happens when you start having children. Who knew?

5. I’ve started judging Baby Ricky’s growth spurts by how big his Nuk is in relation to his face. When we first brought him home from the hospital, if we weren’t careful his Nuk could cover part of his nose. And now there’s a big gap between his nose and his pacifier – it’s so funny to see the difference! Pretty soon…we’re going to have to move up a size. This kid is growing faster than my brain can comprehend…

6. The air has been incredibly dry lately. My lips are so chapped, I can’t seem to keep enough lip balm on hand! And now I’ve decided that we definitely need to invest in an extra humidifier for our bedroom. So tell me in the comments: what kind of humidifier do you recommend? Is there a particular brand that you’re partial to? A warm vs. cold steam preference? I know nothing about these things.

7. One thing you can tell me in the forum: How do you like the new blog re-design? Tell me if there’s something you love, something you hate or something you’d like to suggest!

8. I just realized that I’m talking about decorating for Christmas and it’s the day after Halloween. I have clearly lost my mind. And yet, I’m oddly excited for nearly two months of Christmas time at my house…

9. Ricky thinks I should have a Keurig machine installed in my SUV. Clearly, I have a caffeine consumption problem.

10. Have I mentioned how much I love baby feet? Because I do. What can I say? They’re adorable.

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