Arbonne Seven Day Cleanse: Day One

If you didn’t already know this, I’m doing the Arbonne Seven Day Cleanse. And I just finished day number one.

Yesterday evening, I mixed the squeeze packet full of antioxidants and healthy cleanse-y things with 32 ounces of water. Tasted it. And almost spit it out of my mouth. Alone, the cleanse tastes terrible. But I knew this going into it – so I invested in a pack of pomegranate fizz sticks (flavor pouches with antioxidants and energy boosters). And I have to say, these little packets take that taste from unbearable to actually pretty tasty.

arbonne 7 day cleanse, body cleanse, cleanse drink, weight loss drink, drink weight loss, drink arbonneSo I drank a bunch of it before I went to bed last night and sipped on it throughout the day. I can’t say that I’m feeling like a million bucks yet, but I can feel this stuff pulling toxins out of my muscles. And I sure am peeing a lot. Sorry – TMI moment. But it’s pertinent information, so I know you’ll forgive me. Right? Thought so.

My feelings about the cleanse right now: I’m not hating it. I can’t tell you whether or not I absolutely love this thing yet – I need to see more results first. But if any of the people who got me to try it are right, I’m going to see (and feel) a major difference in a week.

And I will definitely chug 32 ounces of cleanse for that!

Want to order your own seven day cleanse? email me.

Tell me in the comments: have you ever done a cleanse before? Ever wanted to try one?

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