And…my belly popped out.

When you’re pregnant, you check yourself out in the mirror. A lot. It’s not because you’re so much more vain than you were pre-pregnancy. It’s not because you want to look at your outfit twelve times a day. It’s because you’re waiting for that magical moment when your belly pops. That moment when you go from looking like you might’ve gained a few pounds to actually looking pregnant. And for this mama, it happened this week.

Once you really look pregnant, you start to really feel pregnant. I’m realizing that next week, this baby is already halfway cooked – how crazy is that? It’s so strange, because I felt like getting to twenty weeks when I was pregnant with Ricky took FOREVER. And this time it’s gone by in the blink of an eye. We’ve literally done nothing to prepare for baby yet.

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Now, don’t get me wrong. Twenty weeks is certainly a long time to get our stuff together. But if they go by as fast as the first half of this pregnancy has gone, we certainly are going to need to get focused. When I was pregnant with Ricky, we didn’t really start getting organized til the third trimester…so I guess we’re really not that far behind?

Hmmm…my logic is telling me that we’re fine. My mommy hormones are telling me to kick my butt into gear.

Tell me in the comments: when did you start preparing for baby number two?


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    Don’t laugh … I don’t think we actually started prepping for the Goober when I was probably 36 weeks pregnant. Our first child was only 8 1/2 months old when I got pregnant the second time, though, so we kept her in the crib in her room knowing the baby would be in the mini crib in our room for the first few months and we’d be able to transition Josie to a twin bed before rooming them together. We already had three carseats, all the cloth diapers we needed and a never ending supply of wipes. The only thing we went out and bought were a few new outfits in case the new baby was a boy (didn’t find out gender with either).

    Our biggest concern wasn’t so much where the new baby would sleep, what it would eat or what to dress him/her in, but rather how she was coming earthside – she’s our vbac baby and worth every day of the 11 days past my due date that she baked. By the end, I was too tired to care if we were prepared for her arrival.
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