A Sticky Situation: Learning to Change a Baby Diaper and Staying Dry at the Same Time

When RJ was first born, I can honestly say that I was a pretty prepared mama. I had his clothes washed and put away long before we went to the hospital, knew exactly how to prepare his bottles and was totally stocked up on diapers and wipes for the little guy. I even had all of his teeny tiny crib shoes neatly displayed on a shelf in his closet! But there was one sticky situation that I wasn’t prepared for: changing my baby boy’s diaper. Sure, I’ve changed tons of diapers before. But nothing can really prepare you for the fact that newborn boys will literally pee on you while their diapers are being changed!

It only took a couple of diaper changes that ended with me needing to change my shirt until I figured out a super easy remedy for this: I started keeping baby washcloths in my changing table to cover him up with as soon as that first diaper came off! And it didn’t hurt that I became a lightening fast pro at diaper changes, either. I even started using this trick when he’s in the bath, since that’s another time when he’s prone to go potty on mama!

Looking back on this now, all I can do is laugh. Even in the moment all I could do was laugh!

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    I’ll never forget when my baby brother peed right in my sister’s face when my mom was changing his diaper! We were 6 and 7 at the time. Since I have girls, my shirt never got wet, but I was peed on plenty of times when changing diapers!

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