A mild case of hand, foot and mouth. Lovely.

Crazy weeks are my favorite.


Let me start over: I am so glad it’s the weekend. So, SO glad. This week was one of the busiest I have experienced in the last few months.

It started with a very busy work week. And being busy with work is always a good thing. But here’s what happens every.single.time. that my work weeks are overloaded: my child gets sick. Every time, guys.

I should just tag on my calendar that a packed week really means that we’re also going to spend at least one afternoon in the doctor’s office with a fever, asthma attack, stitches, flu, rash, super cold…because if mama’s got too many things on her plate, there is something contagious going around at my child’s school.

Ok, let’s be honest. He’s one. There’s always something going around my child’s school.

This week: a (mild) case of hand foot and mouth. Two trips to the doctor, a 102.7 fever and seventeen shirts soaked in drool later, he’s almost totally back to normal. He even slept longer than 45 minute increments last night. My brain is thankful. It needed some sleep.

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Household emergencies seem to never happen on a slow week, either. So far this week, our basement *almost* flooded (thanks to the record rainfall we’re seeing in Minnesota this month) – but Rick caught that our sump pump was zip tied up in the nick of time. Our garage door collapsed on one side when the coil rotted out. Just in time for me to head to a board meeting at a client. You should’ve seen the look on my face. I think I sweated through three shirts before I actually got out the door. Six bucks and some hard labor (by the hubs) later, and it was all working again yesterday afternoon!

So I was a crabby mama yesterday morning for about sixteen seconds. And then I started to realize how much worse our situation could have been. And I started to become thankful:

  • Thankful that our garage door fell while we were inside, not on my door on or on one of us.
  • Thankful that my little guy is getting better quickly, and that we didn’t catch something that landed us in the ER or the hospital.
  • Thankful that our neighbors were thoughtful enough to come over and tell us that their basement was flooding, and to check ours. Otherwise, we would have lost our entire office.
  • Thankful that things are busy and that opportunities are being thrown my way.
  • And most of all, SO thankful that my little guy jumped on me thing morning just to say, “I wuve you mama.” Seriously. The kid melts my heart.

I do realize how cheesy this might all sounds. But hand to heart it’s completely true. And I know that I’ve been MIA this week. I will be playing catch up all weekend. Promise.

Now get your patooties outside and enjoy some of this fab summer weather we’re having!


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