A Little Sunday Night Reading For Ya

If you’re living anywhere near me in the frigid tundra, you’re probably realizing that the weather has gone for seasonably fall like to…well, the start of winter in the frigid tundra. This morning when I woke up (at six am with la babe), it was raining. By noon when I let the dog out, that rain had frozen on my deck, leaving behind a lovely sheet of ice – and leaving me terrified that my moose of a pooch was going to fall down. Thankfully, she hasn’t so far.

Then when the bean and I went out to run errands, I thought it was pretty chilly. Three hours later we were walking out of Target and I was freezing my patootie off! And in case you’re wondering, NO I didn’t spend three hours IN Target. That just happened to be our last stop of the day. I mean, I have to admit that I lurve Target like any other Minnesotan worth her salt. But I’m not obsessed. Three hours would be a wee bit excessive.

So basically, it’s cold. No wonder this little guy is so tired out! ♥

Anyway, since it’s so chilly outside and I’m all cuddled up on my couch with my two Rickys and one Lucy, I figured you’re probably all cuddled up on your own couch with your own family. And maybe looking for something to do read while you’re all hunkered down. In which case, let me direct you to some fantabulous reads on some of the other sites I write for:

On CupcakeMag, check out why you need a monogrammed Otterbox phone case – or see why Jeweled Headbands are a must this season!

On CupcakeMag Littles you could find some awesome customized onesies for the little ones in your life – with matching leg warmers to boot!

Or if baby life is more your speed, head over to What To Expect‘s website and check out how to treat thrush in babies, find some fashionable maternity clothes or read about foolproof tips for soothing a fussy baby!

Happy reading!


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