A few of my favorite things about having a 17 month old

I say this all the time, but time literally flies when you have a toddler in the house. It’s crazy how fast the weeks go by after your baby is born, and suddenly you have a walking, talking being in front of you. And it’s amazing. So now that my little man is seventeen months old, I have to share some of my absolute FAVORITE things about being the mommy of a toddler.

  • He’s funny and he knows it. I’m constantly surprised by how funny my baby toddler is. He knows what noises are funny, he knows how to jump on you when you least expect it and make you laugh and he knows that if he makes you laugh, he should keep doing what he’s doing…over and over and over. Yesterday he had me in stitches because he was making funny faces and noises at me during lunch. It was awesome. And it happens all.the.time.

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  • He’s brilliant. Ok, so every parent says their kid is a genius, right? But it’s hard to not think that your one year old is the smartest kid since Einstein when they pick things up like a sponge and can repeat them back to you within a matter of minutes. And when they learn to use their knowledge and cuteness combined against you? You’ll be bewildered. The other night I was making dinner and Ricky had pulled a box of cookies out of the pantry, brought them to mama and said, “pease?” Apparently I’ve taught him that “please” means he gets what he wants…although I really can’t ask for more than a child who is adorable, brilliant and polite, can I?

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  • He’s loving. When I least expect it, he’ll jump on my lap and plant the most slobbery kiss on my cheek. When the dogs are sleeping on the floor, he’ll jump on them and give them gigantic hugs. And after dinner he’s all about cuddling with daddy on the couch. It melts your heart, I’ll tell ya. And (yes, you can tell me that this is super cheesy, because it is…but it’s also true) it’s just amazing how much my love for him grows every.single.day.

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  • He’s fun to be around. Once you have a baby, you realize that not everyone really likes babies. And I get that – they’re cute, but don’t do a whole lot more than eat, sleep and poop. By the age Ricky’s at (and even before this…), they’re interactive. They’re FUN. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love hanging with a toddler, at least for a short period of time. Playing with Ricky is the best. When you get down on the floor to build a tower of blocks or play some music or read some books, it’s like he’s inviting you into his world. You re-learn how to play. You forget about grown up life for a while. It’s magnificent.

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So tell me in the comments: what are some of YOUR favorite things about your kiddos?


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    This is great – he certainly is a cutey! Toddlers are amazing (and bewildering)! One of my favorite things about my 2.5 year old is how creative he is – he gave me a haircut with toy pliers the other day. Good thing because I haven’t had a haircut in nearly a year! 🙂
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    I love the part when you said that he’s inviting you into his world. My daughter is often in lala land and it does feel pretty awesome when she interacts with you. Makes you feel special. My favorite thing my daughter does is dance. She can even spin around! She loves music and so do we, it’s something we can all enjoy together.

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    My 10mo daughter’s recently started clinging to me when I hold her. Sometimes it’s to try to keep me from putting her down, but I’ll take it anyway I can get it. Best. Feeling. Ever.
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