2014 Style Inspiration: Get Started with Pinterest

So a couple of weeks ago, I revealed my style icon for the 2014 year: Kate Middleton. I told you to watch for updates, because I’d be talking you through my process between now and the start of the year – and beyond. So what’s the second step in the style upgrade after actually finding your inspiration? It’s figuring out exactly what that icon’s style means to YOU, of course!

First, what you need to do is create a new Pinterest board (or a bulletin board at your home – I just find the digital versions to be easier and more environmentally friendly) where you can save the looks you like.


Pin a variety of looks: casual, dressy, formal, fancy…you want a good spread of images to pull inspiration from. Then, take a look through all of your images. What are the elements that make their style? What do you love? What will help you to step up your look? The intention behind having a style icon is not to dress just like someone on your board – it’s to gather inspiration and apply tweaks to your own style.

With my own icon, I plan on striving for:

  • Continuing to define and refine the pieces I purchase. Notice how all of Kate’s outfits are very well fitted to her body – this means creating outfits only out of pieces that are quite flattering to my own body type.
  • Kate only wears pieces that are very well made. She doesn’t invest in pieces that are overly trendy – classic is always better. While I can’t guarantee that I’ll never use a trendy piece in any outfit in 2014, I’m looking for more classic pieces with a modern twist. Think Audrey Hepburn with a 2014 flavor.
  • She typically wears pieces in more muted tones – if she wears color, it’s generally in a jewel tone. Rarely you will see her rocking a pastel – and only then in a very fitted, classic piece. In my world, this means sticking with neutrals and jewel tones. Hey, that works with my skin tone, so I can’t say I’m complaining!
  • Typically, Kate opts for modern pieces that still offer a conservative feel. She’s generally well covered without looking dowdy. This is definitely something I’m striving for in 2014: making my conservative modern always confident princess, and never 70′s schoolmarm.

So, what’s next? Well, next you’re going to go through your closet and create some fabulous outfits from your current closet, inspired by your icon. Then we’re going to determine if there are any basics you’re missing before the start of the new year. This will give you ample time to be ready to implement your new style starting January 1!

Tell me in the comments: What do you draw inspiration from with YOUR style icon?

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