If you read the blogging better series, you know that I am a H-U-G-E advocate of using social media to market your blog. I talk a lot about Facebook and Twitter, but it kind of begs the question: what about Instagram? The truth about Instagram is that it is one of the fastest growing forms of social media, especially where blogging is concerned. It might seem counter intuitive - because you're using photos instead of direct links - but Instagram is really a great space to grow your audience. If you can take a photo with a phone, you can use Instagram. To help you get started - or to take your account to the next level, here are a few best Read more [...]


Toddler Life: Displaying Artwork

I don't know about your kiddos, but my toddler loves to create art. Between all of the pieces he brings home from school and his amazing little weekend creations, sometimes I feel like we have toddler art coming out of our ears. But toddler artwork is adorable, so I really don't mind. Now, there's only so many paintings that fit on our fridge - and on the walls of his playroom - before we run out of room. So we've had to learn to be selective when it comes to what we keep. I don't keep every single drawing and painting that he brings home every week. But I do let him keep his favorites and we just find a place around the house to put them Read more [...]


Addison’s Due Date: Another Step in the Healing Process

If May wouldn't have happened, I would be holding a just born baby girl in my arms right now. My c-section was scheduled for 9:30 this morning. As of last night, it was still scheduled - the hospital called to confirm that I would be there by 7 am. Seriously. Since we lost her, I've had this tendency to make the day before a big post-stillbirth milestone much more emotional than the actual day is. So what I'm saying is yesterday was a lot harder than today. I've anticipated today coming for a long time - since this all happened. I think all of my mental preparation was a good thing. It's helped me to realize that getting over today - the Read more [...]


Toddler Books: We Ordered Your Suggestions!

About two weeks ago, I showed you some of our favorite toddler books. And you shared some of your toddler's favorites with me! Immediately, I ordered a bunch for my baby - including the five that are shown below. We're loving all of our new books - and want to share them with you. If you have more suggestions, add them in the comments: baby boy has a birthday coming up and I am looking for present ideas!   At the very top is Giggle Giggle Quack. This is one of the sequels to Click, Clack Moo - which is the first thing I ever bought for Ricky when we found out we were pregnant! The story is really cute - Farmer Brown goes on vacation Read more [...]


Life After Child Loss: Kate’s Story

Cortney asked me to write about life after loss.  Thirteen years ago, it felt as if there was none.  I found myself sitting in the passenger seat of our minivan, freshly purchased for what was supposed to be a family of four…but there were just three of us.  The fourth, our daughter Emma, was born just a few weeks earlier, and passed away after just eight days of life from congenital heart defects. I had just returned from what, for most women, would have been a routine OB/GYN appointment following the birth of a healthy baby.  Mine was nothing of the sort.  It had begun with the sting of the waiting room, surrounded by masses of pregnant Read more [...]

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Beauty Video: The Daily Face

For Christmas, my parents got us a GoPro camera. I've been meaning to use it a million times since then, but it took me a while to get all of the needed accessories and figure out how to actually use it. I'm guessing that the intent was for us to use it with the little guy. But for my first "real" video, I'm giving all of you mommies something a little different: a quick makeup tutorial. I get lots of messages from ya'll saying you don't have time for make up or that you don't know how to wear a simple face for just running after your kiddos every day. Enter: my daily face. This is literally how I do my makeup almost every day (well, on the Read more [...]


Working Out Week Two: Tossing in Some Cardio

I'm just coming up on my two week marker on this whole "jumping back on the gym train" thing. And I'm still killing it. I'm averaging about five to six workouts a week, which is pretty amazing - especially considering that a month ago I was happy with one halfway hard workout a week. I'm by no means at my fighting weight yet - I haven't even gotten my regular pants to fit regular yet, but I do feel better. I can tell that my anemia is pretty much gone, because I have a lot more energy than I had before. My head feels clearer and I don't feel like I'm missing a big piece of being healthy. So, what's new this week? I've added in a bit more Read more [...]


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