Losing the Baby Weight: Three Week Update


So, can I just say that this little face would be worth gaining 100 lbs during pregnancy? Because it totally is. Anyway, I promised to stay accountable here. Thus, an update. Losing the baby weight with your third is SO MUCH HARDER than with your ... [ Read More ]

Taking Time For Your Marriage

shooting range

This weekend, Rick and I had our first date away from the kids since Christopher was born. Now, I love my kids, but I have been praying for a great day to have a little free time in my brain. You know - a few hours where I don't have to worry about ... [ Read More ]

“Can We Walk Around the Block, Mama?”

bike ride

Tonight, after I got home from a grocery run with the boys, I went outside to talk with the hubs while he grilled us some dinner. He's fabulous about making dinner. I hate cooking, he loves it, and he's willing to take care of it pretty much every ... [ Read More ]

Our Fabulous 4th: Pictures!

4th of July Parade Afton

The Fourth was such a whirlwind day this year. I mean, it always is. But this year even more than normal. In fact, today feels like it's maybe the day after the day after the Fourth. Confused? Yeah, so is my sense of time. But all in all, we had ... [ Read More ]

Prepping for the 4th: Things You Need

You guys, I am so behind the 8 ball on preparing for the 4th. I'm usually totally on top of all this stuff, and this year I'm just...behind. A month ago, I had the best of intentions. And then the last thirty days just slipped by. And now I'm like, ... [ Read More ]

The Journey to Our First Pregnancy

baby bump, 30 weeks pregnant, bump, pregnant

I've never posted much about our TTC journey with Ricky. And then Astroglide TTC Trying to Conceive™ reached out to me, asking if I would share some of our experience with my readers. Realizing how exciting, and yet difficult, that period can be, I ... [ Read More ]

Forcing Myself To Get Back To Healthy

Last night I did something really stupid. I tried on a pair of shorts in the Target dressing room. Now, I know that I haven't lost all of the baby weight. But I know that I've lost some of it. So I thought, what the hell. I'll try on a pair of ... [ Read More ]