I Love Finding Random Photos

random pictures

So today, Ricky and I wrapped up a super fun (and adorable!) Christmas decor (or DIY Christmas gift) project that was an absolute blast. And when I started uploading the photos during naptime, I realized that it has been a looooong time since I've ... [ Read More ]

A Boy and His Dog

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Ricky and Bruno - a boy and his dog. The two of them have this brotherly companionship that I can't seem to put my finger on. Sometimes, if Bruno tries to give him kisses or gets on 'his' couch, Ricky becomes a bear. "No no no, Bruno! Mine! My ... [ Read More ]

Christmas Wish List: The Beauty Addict


Shopping for Christmas can sometimes be an insane chore. I mean, finding the right gift for the every person on your list can be totally overwhelming and just take so much time and effort. So to help you out, I've created the only gift guides you'll ... [ Read More ]

There’s No Business Like Snow Business


Snow. OMG. Snow. Winter is a big part of our life here in the frigid tundra. Even more so in my family, because our livelihood is based on it. We own a snow business. From October through May, it dictates our life. No, we don't typically ... [ Read More ]

Raising Toddlers: A Lockdown Drill. REALLY?


Last week, I read this post somewhere - maybe on the Huffington Post? - about a teacher, recounting how her school prepares for a lockdown drill. You know, the preparation for the what if a shooter comes to the building kind of drill. It brought ... [ Read More ]