Losing the Baby Weight: Let’s Get Real

Can we just be real about this for a second? Losing the weight after your second baby is SO MUCH HARDER than it is after your first. After Ricky was born, I fit into my jeans about six weeks after he was born. Sure, things were still pretty jiggly. But I could zip up my jeans with no muffin top. This time around, it's been nearly twelve weeks. I'm still using a rubberband to get my jeans to fit correctly. And pulling the rubberband trick when there's no baby in the belly definitely doesn't feel Read more [...]


ChooseCartons contacted me a couple of weeks ago to share an initiative that they're running during the month of July to help raise awareness about recycling and food packaging - while planting trees at the same time. Being a household that's pretty good about recycling (we try our best!) and choosing the eco-friendly option, it seemed like a pretty cool campaign to participate in. Please note that I was compensated for participating in this campaign. They also planted a tree for me. And they'll Read more [...]


My Kids Interrupted My Life

I never planned on having kids. You can read a bit of my story on that topic here. I didn't think I'd be a good mom. I'm independent. I like "me time." I like to do what I wanna do when I wanna do it. Selfish? Yes. That's why I didn't really want children. The universe is funny, though, and through the power of birth control gone wrong, I now find myself the mom of Lillian and Levi who were born 355 days apart. My kids interrupted my life. They changed the path I was on and the course Read more [...]


We Keep Moving.

Last night I had a mini breakdown. And what triggered it made me feel so guilty. I saw all of these beautiful pregnant mamas all over my Facebook feed. And that's when it hit me: I should be 36 weeks pregnant. I should be glowing and happy and getting ready to deliver my baby in just a few short weeks via c-section. August 19th. That's when it was scheduled for. I thought that the more time passed from losing Addison would make this cross easier to bear. But it doesn't. So many of you have Read more [...]

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Life After Child Loss: Amber’s Story

I’m hosting a Life After Child Loss series to share some of the stories that you all have shared with me. Your stories. Stories to help inspire those who are in the midst of child loss and are looking for hope. Personally, I know that a light at the end of the tunnel – even if it’s far away – has been so helpful for what we've been through this year. And I hope it’s helpful to some of you, too. Today’s story comes from my Amber Backes, a blogger at Home on the Silicon Prairie. Regardless Read more [...]

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New Faces at The Mommyhood Project

So remember a couple of weeks ago I said that there are going to be some exciting things going on around here? Ok, maybe I didn't quite say it like that...but it was implied, right? Well, in the spirit of moving forward with life, I've been looking at everything that I do now, figuring out what I actually love to do and doing more of it. Part of that is being around these parts (aka The Mommyhood Project) more often. After experiencing my own giant life perspective change this spring, I decided Read more [...]


This is What Summer Fridays Are All About.

One of my fave things about Fridays: this is my office view. Although I work from home sporadically throughout the week, Fridays I'm guaranteed to be working from home. And I absolutely love that I can set up a little playground for Ricky on our deck, pull myself and my laptop up to the patio table and work away while he works away. Oh - and it doesn't hurt that we get to take a little trip to the park every now and again, either. Happy Friday! Read more [...]

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