WAHM: How do you actually get WORK time?

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Have you read all those articles about how we all have our kids way too involved in too many things, there are too many things on their schedules, yada yada yada? Me too. I'm one of those parents who likes my child to try things, but we haven't ... [ Read More ]

Swapping the Crib for a Toddler Bed

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I promised some of you that I would eventually write about our crib to toddler bed experience. But I just couldn't do it right away. I felt like it was going way too well, and I was totally going to jinx myself for saying it. But you guys: it's ... [ Read More ]

And The Gender Is…

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So, friends, we are officially NOT having twins. On Monday, the hubs convinced me that, due to how much movement I was feeling, there was no WAY there could only be one baby in my belly. Needless to say, I was freaking out a little bit. To ... [ Read More ]

The Terrible Twos: The Whining. Oh, the Whining.

toddler tantrum

When it comes to raising toddlers, one thing I've learned is that there are no two kids that are exactly the same. But, with that being said, there is one universal truth that I think every single toddler parent experiences: the whining. It's ... [ Read More ]

Gift Ideas for Your Husband


So, friends, I've been meaning to put more of these gift guides up. But reality has been that this a busy time of year, and I got a little bogged down. Plus, I figured you had some awesome gift ideas for the kiddos already planned out. Do you ... [ Read More ]